lloyd down aerial

lloyds down ariel is best used as a spke when pushing the opponent just off the edge of the map at low percentage (ie with forward grab for example), allowing for lloyd to dive down deep, and recover with a junp and recovery (tested multiple times, can be done with ease). this combo works because the last hit proc of the down arieal hits opponents downwards, so people with poor recoveries like sora or lloyd simply cannot recover. upon testing with level 9 bots, black mage can recover at 0% with a little bit of trouble, but with a full hit and at percentage of 50%~ or more, the recovery simply does not have enough distance. the same is with jugglypuff.


Dude it's a meteor smash. If it can be meteor canceled then its a meteor smash. I hate when people keep calling meteor smashes spikes. Also this wiki is not here for you to debate on wether your love of Lloyd is real or not so please take this somewhere else. Also unless its confirmed to be a spike then otherwise its a meteor smash.

Niayre (talk) 15:23, October 7, 2014 (UTC)

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