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This article is about Tails's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Miles "Tails" Prower.
Miles "Tails" Prower
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Tails.png
Sonic symbol.svg
Tails' official artwork.
Universe Sonic
Stock icon SSF2 Tails stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Final Smash Tornado
Tier D (46)

Tails is a newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2, accompanying Sonic as representatives of the Sonic franchise. Tails' sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in modern games such as Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Lost World. His voice clips are taken directly from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Generations. His moveset mostly comes from Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Battle, and Tails Adventure.

Tails is currently ranked 46th out of 47 on the tier list, a huge fall of his 8th position on the previous Tier List, placing him in the D tier. He appears to have a low playerbase but decent representation in online tournaments, with experienced players making great use of his advanced techniques. Normally, he places low to mid in tournaments that his players participate in.


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Tails is a middleweight who has average mobility, dashing, and air speed, with above-average walking and falling speed as well. Despite his below-average gravity and slow air acceleration, Tails can rack up damage during combos in a short amount of time. Additionally, he can effectively mix up his options with his pseudo wavedash, which can cover all of Final Destination. However, Tails is highly susceptible to edgeguarding and gimping because of his five midair jumps and him lacking a traditional recovery move.

Tails' neutral attack, tilts, and throws deals decent damage and has minimal lag, making them hard to punish. His grab game is somewhat average and his pummel is slightly slow, but he can still rack up a decent amount of damage before throwing an opponent. Up throw and forward throw are reliable combo starters that gives Tails the ability to do damaging combos beginning at 0%. Back throw is a semi-spike that can start tech-chase situations and edgeguard attempts. It also has KO potential because of its high base knockback, especially when used near the edge. Lastly, Down throw is his least reliable throw but it can still start combos at low percents and also has KO potential, although it KOs at extremely high percents if used near the top blast line.

Tails also has a good air game. Neutral aerial is a great combo move because of its minimal lag and launching angle. Forward aerial is useful for starting combos but in most cases, it can combo into itself thanks to its lack of startup and ending lag. Down aerial is a meteor smash that is effective at continuing or finishing combos and KO opponents. Back aerial's clean hitbox is strong, making it one of his few reliable KO options. It also pushes him forward, which can help him with horizontal recovery. Lastly, Up aerial is Tails' least effective aerial but it has KO potential near the upper blast line and can also be used for combos.

Tails has useful special moves. Energy Ball is a projectile with a decently long range that can be used to follow up with other attacks. It can also be useful at disrupting and edgeguarding opponents despite its moderately slow speed. Remote Robot always walks back and forth across the stage no matter the circumstances and explodes upon contact, giving him another disruption tool. Airlift is a command grab that can be useful in combos and as horizontal recovery that can instantly snap to the ledge. Spin Dash allows him to not only move across the stage but also deal damage upon contact. Unlike Sonic, Tails' Spin Dash doesn't require mashing to charge, instead it automatically charges as long as the special move button is held. He also can't turn around at any point of the move and it can only hit once instead of multiple times. However, he can cancel it with a jump or perform a pseudo wavedash that significantly increases his mobility, giving him more options to mix things up with.

Mastering Tails requires a high learning curve in order to effectively use him. Tails players often take advantage of his air game, command grab, disruption tools, and his advanced techniques, which can often be used as mix ups during gameplay. His pseudo wavedash however, allows players to become even harder to punish compared to the rest of his options. These advantages help players add pressure on opponents and punish their mistakes whenever there's an opening. Additionally, players can also utilize a bait-and-punish playstyle as a way to change strategies.

However, Tails has noticeable weaknesses. His KO potential is held back by his most reliable KO options (all of his smash attacks, back aerial, and down aerial), requiring good positioning. While Tails' ability to mix up and rack up damage is respectable, he struggles to KO, resulting in opponents living up to even at very high percentages. He may also have trouble getting back onstage due to his jumps not gaining as much height as characters like Kirby and Jigglypuff, meaning he can get easily gimped at low percents. Tails is also susceptible of early KOs and juggling due to his below-average weight and slow air acceleration respectively.

Overall, Tails has great neutral thanks to his mix up options for offensive play. But despite his notable strengths, he has trouble killing often and in most cases, getting back onstage with his easily exploitable recovery.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Punches twice and then walks forward while punching six times. Its first and second hit are capable of jab locking. The final six hits count as one part of the attack and can be used for racking up damage. Based on Tails' Pummel Combo from Sonic the Fighters. 2%
Forward tilt Swings his tails forward. It moves Tails slightly forward and its minimal lag makes it useful for spacing and starting tech-chases. Based on the IQ300 Attack from Sonic Battle. 9%
Up tilt Performs a propeller tails spin. Its vertical range makes it a decent anti-air attack, can start combos at low percents but lacks horizontal range. 1%-2%
Down tilt Sweeps his tails across the ground. It moves Tails forward slightly and its low base knockback makes it useful to combo from low to high percents. Resembles Tails' default attack in the Sonic Advance series. 9%
Dash attack Performs a Spin Dash followed by a flying kick. It is weaker than Sonic's dash attack, but has less ending lag. Resembles the Somersault attack from Sonic Adventure 2. 4%
Forward smash Claps his hands in front of him. It moves Tails slightly forward and deals high knockback growth, making it one of Tails' best KO options. Based on Tails' Scissor Punch from Sonic the Fighters. 14%
Up smash Performs a jumping Spin Dash. Its high vertical range and knockback growth makes it one his best KO options, but it lacks horizontal range. 15%-16%
Down smash Swings the Magic Hand around himself. It deals high base knockback and is also a semi-spike, making it one of Tails' best KO options, but it has noticeable ending lag. Hitting from behind can launch the opponent at a higher angle. Based on the Magic Hook from Sonic Battle. 17%-18%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Curls into a ball and spins in place before ending with a kick, hitting three times. Its diagonal angle can start combos from low to mid percents. 1%-2%
Forward aerial Swings his tails forward. Its minimal amount of lag makes it useful for starting and finishing combos, especially as a follow-up from Airlift. Based on the Typhoon from Sonic Battle. 10%
Back aerial Spins his tails while propelling himself forward. Its good damage output and high base knockback make it one of Tails' best KO options, especially when used for edgeguarding. However, it has moderate ending lag. 12%
Up aerial Performs an upward dropkick. It can be a good KO option near the upper blast line, especially as a follow-up from Airlift when held upwards. It has a sour spot at the base of his legs. 8%
Down aerial Swings his tails downward. It is a quick meteor smash that can be used to continue or finish combos, giving it KO potential. Based on the Tails Dunk from Sonic Battle. 9%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches both hands out to grab. N/A
Pummel Smacks the opponent with his tails. 1%
Forward throw Throws his opponent away from him. Resembles Tails' Knuckles Throw animation from Sonic Advance 3. 8%
Back throw Performs a mule kick as he throws the opponent behind him. It is a semi-spike that can start tech-chase situations and edgeguard attempts, and it can also be used as a late KO move. 11%
Up throw Carries the opponent up into the air before slamming them onto the ground. It is a solid combo starter, and Tails can move around the stage while carrying the opponent. 6%
Down throw Stomps on the opponent with his foot. It can start combos at low percents and serve as a late KO move. Resembles Tails' Foot Crush from Sonic the Fighters. 11%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Performs a spin kick as he flies himself up. 6%
Ledge attack Does a straight kick as he gets up from the ledge. 6%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Neutral special move Energy Ball Fires a round electric projectile forward from his blaster. It can be used to disrupt approaches and edgeguard opponents. It can also follow-up reliably to other attacks. When used in the air, it fires diagonally downward, and it can be fired only once before landing. 9%
Side special move Airlift Leaps forward to grab opponents and carry them through the air. Tails can send opponents above, in front, or behind him depending on what direction is held, giving it great combo potential and making it reliable at following up with attacks, most notably up aerial and forward aerial, and it is also useful for edgeguarding opponents. 9%
Up special move Remote Robot Throws out the small robot he uses in Tails Adventure. It walks back and forth and explodes upon contact, making it useful for disrupting and pressuring opponents. It takes 7% to be destroyed but loses to shields instantly. However, it is immune to moves that do not deal knockback. 1%
Down special move Spin Dash Curls into a ball and starts rolling towards his opponents at high speed. The longer the move has been charged, the stronger it gets. It can be used for combos and gives Tails a pseudo wavedash when canceled on platforms, but it does not work on ledges. 8%
Final Smash Tornado Summons the Tornado plane and jumps into it as he pilots it from one side of the stage to the other, dropping bombs in his path. He can also damage opponents with the plane itself, dealing massive knockback. 20%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Flies onto the stage while waving at the camera before landing on the ground.
Taunts Standard Jumps and yells "Yeah!" while striking a pose.
Side Spins around with an index finger on one hand and a peace sign on the other (one of his poses from Sonic Adventure 2) while chuckling.
Down/Up Takes out his Game Gear and plays Tails Adventure on it before putting it away. It can be held as long as you want.
Idle pose Looks at the camera for a moment while yawning. It is his idle animation from the Sonic games for the Sega Genesis starting with Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
Victory theme A remix of the fanfare that plays whenever an act is cleared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
Victory pose Sets up the goalpost before it starts spinning as he checks the Miles Electric with a surprised expression.

Changes from v1.0.2 Beta

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Tails has received significant buffs and very few nerfs from multiple moves which overall greatly improves him.


  • Nerf Tails can no longer slow down his descent when he jumps.


  • Buff Tails now has five double jumps.
  • Nerf Tails has lost his ability to hover.

Special moves

  • Nerf Up Special is now "Remote Robot", which is no longer a recovery move.
    • Buff Remote Robot is an outstanding stage control move.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players

Tier placement history

In tier lists for demo v0.7, Tails was seen as a top tier character because he ranked 2nd of A tier on the first list and ranked 1st of S tier on the second list. In demo v0.8b; Tails dropped to 16th of D tier from his 1st-place position of S tier which he was tied of with Sonic for having had the largest tier drop from demo v0.7 to v0.8b (dropped by 15 tier positions). In demo 0.9a; Tails rose to 8th of what can considered A tier where he is seen as a top tier character once more. In demo v0.9b, Tails dropped to 11th of A tier where he was seen as a high tier character. However, Tails rose up a spot to 10th of A tier, and is still seen as a high tier character. In Beta, he rose to 1st in the S tier, but as of the more recent versions, he has received several nerfs and fell to his worst position yet, at 46th place, being the second worst in the current tier list.



SSF2 Tails Costumes.png



Early designs




  • From demo v0.7 to v0.8b, Tails' voice clips came from a custom voice actor, Mary "Tinker Jet" Bruhand. In demo v0.9a, these voice clips were replaced by those from the official Sonic games.
  • Tails' first artwork was based on his trophy pose from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Tails' current artwork is based on the pose he makes at the end of the intro from Sonic Colors.
  • Tails along with Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Zero Suit Samus, Luffy, Mr. Game & Watch, and Mega Man are the only characters so far who do not go into a helpless state under normal circumstances.