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This article is about Tails's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Miles "Tails" Prower.
Miles "Tails" Prower
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Tails.png
Universe Sonic
Stock icon SSF Tails stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Tier A+ (8)

Tails is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash, one of the many Sonic characters in the game. His moveset and sprites, as with his other fellow Sonic characters, are taken primarily from his moves in Sonic Battle.

Tails is ranked 8th in the tier list, several spots lower than his placement in the previous tier list.


Tails has one of the best recoveries in the game, as his extra jumps allow him a lot more range and flexibility in his methods for returning to the stage. His Energy Ball allows him to fire energy balls that have infinite range and can be fired in three different directions (forwards, upwards, and downwards in the air), giving him strong stage control, versatile zoning abilities and a strong edgeguard. He has some of the best instant-KO attacks in the game, including aforementioned up/down energy balls, the only projectiles with instant-KO properties in the game, as well as Rhythm Twister, one of the few instant-KO attacks that is not mapped to an up/down move.

However, he is not the strongest or most durable character in the game. He lacks the ability to cancel his momentum in the air, making him vulnerable to getting KO'd by moves that lack instant KO properties, like Knuckles' rock. His Electron Cannon has a slow firing rate, making it difficult to challenge another projectile user directly.

Regardless, his pros greatly overlook his cons, putting him in the high tier.

Hard data

Tails' hard data
Base info
Hitstun taken 8 Number of jumps 5
Attack boost N/A Attack length 19
Attack cooldown 20 Health division 14
Horizontal speed 17
Deceleration 1 Attack start speed 0.5x
Acceleration 0.6 Turn around speed 18
Short hopping speed 9 Jumping speed 14
Gravity 1 Falling speed 25
Individual attack data
Standard attack damage 3 Side attack damage 4
Down attack damage 6 Instant-KO value 4
Roll attack speed N/A Jump attack damage N/A


Attack Image Description Damage
Standard attack SSF Tails standard attack.png Fires with his Energy Ball a single projectile forwards. 3%
Side attack SSF Tails side attack.png Uses the Rhythm Twister to spin around and strikes opponents with his tails. For some reason, Tails visually turns back on the direction he was facing when he initiates the attack, only to face the correct direction once the attack ends. 4%
Down attack SSF Tails down attack.png Fires his Magic Hook, which is a boxing glove on a chain around his shoulders. A reliable close-range attack that covers Tails's whole body and is good at scoring KOs normally. 6%
Up attack SSF Tails up attack.png Similarly to his standard attack, Tails curls up and fires an Energy Ball directly upwards. 4%
Down aerial SSF Tails down aerial.png Similar to his standard attack, Tails faces down and fires an Energy Ball directly below himself.