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TI-Word Title Screen.png
Title screen of TI-Word.
Original author(s) Gregory McLeod
Developer(s) Gregory McLeod
Publisher(s) McLeodGaming
Release date 2003
Type Word processor
Platform(s) TI-83 Plus
Media TI-BASIC Program

TI-Word is a word processing tool made in 2003 for the TI-83 Plus calculator by Gregory McLeod and published by McLeodGaming. It is based on Microsoft Word and is meant to perform the same basic function.


Like Microsoft Word, TI-Word is designed to create and store "text" files, referred to as documents, for the user to keep on their calculator. Text is stored in the calculator's first eight picture files, Pic 1 to Pic 8, and the user must create blank picture files with these names before being able to open the program. Once opened, the user has the option to create a new document or open an existing one stored on the calculator, where text can be inserted, erased, or simply viewed. Users can also save documents, with specific names if requested, or delete documents altogether.



  • Despite being a tool for word processing, TI-Word has always been labelled as a game on the McLeodGaming website.
  • The program requires a list named "WORD" with eight elements to be stored in order to open and perform most functions. However, the software does not come with this list, making these functions impossible to perform without creating it oneself.

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