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Swords vs Spears
Swords vs Spears.png
Description The Hero King must defend his kingdom from the invading army.
Character Marth (Super Smash Flash 2) (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) Bandana Dee (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 9)
Bandana Dee (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 9)
Bandana Dee (Super Smash Flash 2) (1 stock, level 9)
Stage(s) Dracula's Castle
Swords vs Spears

Sword vs Spears is event #43 in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as Marth, the player must defeat a team consisting of three Bandana Dees on Dracula's Castle. The player has 2 stocks, and each opponent has 1 stock. The launch rate on each opponent is set to 1.3 so they take more knockback from attacks, and their attacks deal 20% more knockback than normal.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 0:51 '66
A 1:00 '00
B 1:10 '00
C 1:16 '66
D 1:25 '00
E 1:30 '00
F > 1:30 '00


The event's first preview in Beta 1.0.
The event's second preview in Beta 1.1.
The event's two original previews.
  • The preview image of this event was changed twice over the development of SSF2. It was first changed in Beta 1.1 due to the costumes used for Marth and Bandana Dee changing, and it was changed again in Beta 1.2.2 due to Bandana Dee receiving new sprites.