Jam using his hammer boosting ability to reach the Yellow Block, previously created by Yeah.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Training
Level number 4
Note(s) Teaches how to switch between characters. Final tutorial level.

Switcherate is the fourth level of Yeah Jam Fury, and also the fourth and final tutorial level. Like all the tutorial levels, it is not necessary to clear this level and it can be completely skipped to start at the fifth level, Find Your Footing.


This level teaches the player to switch between the three playable characters by incorporating each of their techniques in a sequence. It begins with the player between two walls of Yellow Blocks, which the player must use Fury to destroy to advance. They then must switch to Yeah and place the collected Yellow Blocks in a grid-marked area to create a path to the next platform. Finally, they must use Jam to wall jump upward between two walls of Lead Blocks to reach the mango near the ceiling on top.



  • Even though the level is intended to cause the player to switch between the three characters, the player can clear it using only Jam.
  • Switcherate and Fabricate and are the only levels in the game where Yeah has specific areas where he is obliged to place Yellow Blocks. The rest of the levels allow him place Yellow Blocks in any empty space the player desires.
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