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Mario hitting Bowser with his forward smash's sweet spot.
Captain Falcon hitting Goku with his down aerial's sour spot.
Mario and Captain Falcon hitting their opponents with a sweet spot and a sour spot, respectively.

A sweet spot, also referred to as a sweetspot, is a hitbox in an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that is stronger than other hitboxes that are out at the same time. Inversely, the sour spot of an attack is a weaker hitbox.

Although some sweet spots only appear at a certain timing, note that, in order for a strong hitbox to be considered a sweet spot, they have to be active at the same time as another hitbox. For example, in Captain Falcon's down aerial, one can land both the Nipple Spike and the sour spot at the same time. Strong hitboxes that do not co-exist with other weak hitboxes are clean hits or late hits.

Although for the most part, sweet spots only change the amount of damage and knockback a move deals, certain sweet spots can change the properties of the attack, such as the sweet spot on Bowser's side special move, which turns the attack into a command grab.

Sweet spots are completely absent from Super Smash Flash, due to every attack possessing only one attackbox.

List of notable sweet spots

Below is a list of notable sweet spots. A great amount of attacks in the game possess sweet spots. However, most of them simply deal a little more damage than the sour spot, without directly altering knockback. Sweet spots whose stats are not completely different from their sour spots' stats will not be listed here.

Characters' sweet spots
Character Move Location
Bowser Flying Slam Bowser's hand. Will lead into opponents getting grabbed, then sent flying away.
Captain Falcon Down aerial Captain Falcon's chest. It is also called the "Nipple Spike".
Link Down tilt The bottom of the middle of the sword. The opponent must be airborne for it to properly work. Opponents hit by the sweet spot will be meteor smashed.
Luigi Back aerial Luigi's feet.
Down aerial His upper body. Foes hit by it will be meteor smashed.
Mario Forward smash The fire ball shot out of his hand.
Forward aerial His hand, during the late part of the move. Opponents hit by the sweet spot will be meteor smashed.
Marth All moves
(except throws and Counter)
The tip of his sword. Those are referred to as "tippers". Hitting down aerial's tipper will lead to opponents getting spiked.
Sheik Up smash Her hands, above her head, at the beginning of the move.
Simon All attacks
(except throws, dash attack and down aerial)
The tip of his whip.
Zelda Down tilt The lightning effect on the tip of her toes. The moves are often called "Lightning Kicks". Hitting either the down aerial or the down tilt sweet spot will cause opponents to get meteor smashed.
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Down aerial

List of notable sour spots

Some move sour spots' utility is equal to or greater than their sweet spots'. Such moves will be listed below.

Characters' sour spots
Character Move Location and utility
Bowser Flying Slam Bowser's claw. Can be used to string into other attacks.
Luigi Down aerial Luigi's legs. This sour spot can combo opponents, as well as KO them when off-stage.
Mario Forward aerial Mario's arm. This sour spot is as efficient at KOing opponents as the sweet spot, and, unlike the sweet spot, the sour spot cannot be meteor cancelled.
Marth Forward aerial The blade of his sword. Unlike their tipper hitboxes, these sour spots are very proficient at comboing and forward aerial's can lead into a Ken Combo.
Up aerial