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The subject was never implemented or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Super Sonic Boost
SSF2 Super Sonic - Super Sonic Boost.png
Sonic symbol.svg
Super Sonic using Super Sonic Boost forwards.
Universe Sonic
User(s) Super Sonic (Final Smash)
Effect Super Sonic covers himself in yellow energy and rockets in the direction pressed.

Super Sonic Boost (スーパーソニックブースト) was Super Sonic's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Super Sonic covers himself in yellow energy and rockets at high speeds in the direction pressed, during which time the player can freely move left to right. and any foe caught in the energy will be dealt multiple hits of 1% damage each, as well as weak knockback. The move travels a very far distance and does not leave Super Sonic helpless, making for a strong recovery move despite Super Sonic's infinite midair jumps.


Artwork of Super Sonic performing the Super Sonic Boost in Sonic Unleashed.

The Super Sonic Boost is a Chaos Power used by both Super Sonic and Super Shadow in the Sonic franchise that was first used by Super Sonic against Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2, but it was not actually given a name until Sonic Unleashed. When performed, the user surrounds himself in a powerful fiery aura of chaos energy (where the known color is either blue or yellow) and flies into the target at incredible speed, resulting in a quite devastating impact that can stun creatures as large as Perfect Dark Gaia. As seen in Sonic's case, the Super Sonic Boost can be performed for unlimited time (or for as long his can maintain his super transformation) as Sonic's Boost Gauge is given unlimited amounts of energy from his super transformation.



Super Sonic's special moves
Neutral special move Homing Attack
Side special move Spin Dash
Up special move Super Sonic Boost
Down special move Blue Tornado