This article is about the Mini-Trailers for Super Smash Flash 2. For the first trailer for the game, see Super Smash Flash 2 Teaser.

The Super Smash Flash 2 Mini-Trailers, or SSF2 Mini-Trailers for short, are four small compilations of videos showcased at McLeodGaming's YouTube account, McLeodGamingOfficial, featuring a singular Super Smash Flash 2 character.

Because they are described as "concept trailers", these videos feature "prefabricated gameplay", showing dramatizations of the actual gameplay and how the character's moveset could work. They also led to speculate the appearances of some possible stages, which may or may not be included on the final game, such as the early design for Planet Namek, which appears in more than one of them.

Mega Man's, Sora's, and Snake's Mini-Trailers were made by former SSF2 Dev, RoyMaster4, whereas Goku's Mini-Trailer was made by another former Dev known as Jonathan. The footage in these trailers was by no means accurate, as the game's engine, characters, stages and overall physics are constantly being edited and improved on. For instance, out of all the characters that got a Mini-Trailer, Snake is the only one yet-to-be re-confirmed for the roster.

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  • Similar but considerably longer-in-length trailers were made for Naruto and Ness as well. However, these videos were never labeled as Mini-Trailers specifically; moreover, they differ in that, aside the longer length, they use actual raw gameplay rather than prefabricated gameplay, as actual Mini-Trailers did.
  • Because Snake is still a yet-to-be re-confirmed character for the game, his Mini-Trailer is the only one to not be listed in the channel's video lists and is therefore hidden without an encrypted link.

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