Super Smash Flash 2 Demo
Version 0.8b
SSF2 0.8b
Title screen for v0.8b.
Release date March 11, 2012
Note(s) Second iteration of eighth major release

Version 0.8b is the second iteration of the eighth major release of the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo. It was released on March 11, 2012. It was the only version released in 2012.

Differences from v0.8a

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Pitfall was added as a new item. Most other changes were purely cosmetic, however: the stages Smashville, Final Destination, Hidden Leaf Village, and WarioWare, Inc. all got completely new sprites, and the menu got some tweaks.

A major bug where using Super Mushrooms in combination with a character's transformation — such as Fire Mario or Kaiō-ken — would make the transforming character grow bigger and bigger, to the point of covering the entirety of the screen was fixed. Super Saiyan Goku's Genki Dama projectile is now much bigger, no longer explodes, and Goku will always throw it from center stage.

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