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Super Smash Flash 2 Demo
Version 0.3c
Demo Title v0.3c
Title screen for v0.3c.
Release date November 20, 2008
Note(s) Only third iteration released for a demo and last one released on 2008.

Version 0.3c was the third iteration of the third major release of the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo, released on November 20, 2008. It was the very last version released on 2008.

Differences from 0.3b

The differences from v0.3b to v0.3c are as minimal as from v0.3a to v0.3b; ground movement was improved once again, with sidestepping (pressing down while shielding) being now possible and grab release being added.

Furthermore, there is a change noticed when the player opens the game again. Unlike all the versions before it, the matches, options and every other thing are automatically saved.

Lastly, this version used a new program icon. However, it got replaced once again right on the next version: v0.4a.

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