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Super Smash Flash 2 Demo
Beta 1.3
SSF2 Beta 1.3.png
Title screen for revision Beta.
Release date December 20, 2020
Note(s) Fourth iteration of final playable demo
Beta 1.3

Beta 1.3 is the fourth revision of the final major release of the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo and followed the third beta phase of development. It was the last of two versions released in 2020.

Differences from Beta 1.2

This demo features many differences from Beta 1.2, such as Ganondorf being added as a new unlockable character, Fourside getting a complete update, Butter Building and Fairy Glade getting added as a new stages, and Emerald Cave receiving its alternate music track. Replays can now be auto-saved by enabling it in the data menu. Players can also hold left or right to slow down or fast-forward, hold the special button to pause, hold the shield button to resume, and press the grab button when paused to go frame-by-frame when viewing a replay. Stadium mode says "New Record!" when a new record is set, and players now have the ability to save replays from this mode. Character Specific Break the Targets Stages have made their return. The auto-updater was removed and replaced with the News Feed functionality.

Version history

  • View full changelog here.


  • Restored knockback stacking capability while in hitstop (with move-specific ability to bypass stacking timer).
  • Ledge-rolls onto narrow platforms now stay onstage.
  • Fixed inability to use C-Stick and Grab smashes.
  • KOing foes mid-command grab will now result in a proper stalemate.
  • Corrected issue where match Survival Time did not count final smash cutscene frames.
  • Fixed doubling of crowd-cheer when hit multiple times and already in heavy knockback.
  • Fixed issue that caused characters that enter heavy knockback after knockback stacking to escape frozen, stamina KO, and FS grabs.
  • Fixed issue with crowd cheers stacking when hit while already in heavy knockback.
  • Fixed bug that caused some stage foreground elements to still be desynced.


  • Updated credits.
  • Removed pop-up message after successfully loading a replay.
  • Updated title screen social links.
  • Removed legacy "First Launch" menu.


  • Butter Building
    • Star KOs now appear behind the stage.

Character Specific

  • Captain Falcon
    • Up Special
      • Fixed ability for foe to escape on the frame the attack box comes out.
  • Ganondorf
    • Down Smash
      • Fixed color errors.
      • First hit maximum autolink knockback 60 -> 75.
      • No longer does 0 knockback to downed opponents.
    • Side Special
      • Fixed issue that put Ganondorf into helpless if sliding offstage after landing.
    • Up Smash
      • Fixed issue that caused it to become cancelled prematurely when airborne.
      • Fifth active frame added that can now hit downed/crouching opponents.
    • Up Special
      • Fixed ability for foe to escape on the frame the attack box comes out.
  • Ness
    • PK Fire
      • Knockback stacking now always applies regardless of stacking timer.
  • Rayman
    • Vortex
      • Knockback stacking now always applies on final hit regardless of stacking timer.

View full changelog here.


  • Characters in their Final Form now lose their Final Smash meter when KOd.
  • Improved wall detection behavior when grabbing an opponent.


  • All-Star
    • Updated Isaac’s portrait in the Rest Area to match the new changes.
    • Fairy Glade now appears on Stage 8 instead of Stage 7.


  • Assist Trophy
    • Projectiles can no longer be pocketed, absorbed, or reflected.
    • Pain no longer floats indefinitely if the ground below him is destroyed.
  • Medusa heads no longer scale weirdly on some stages.
  • Smash Ball now breaks in one hit in Training Mode.


  • Many Final Smashes now detach from the ground at the start.
  • Bomberman
    • Realigned explosion GFX at the start of Jetpack.
  • Bowser
    • Minor update to idle pose.
  • Captain Falcon
    • Updated hurtboxes on grounded Falcon Punch.
    • Added some glow effects to air Falcon Punch when charging.
  • Chibi-Robo
    • Fixed his electric attack trails on dash attack and up air.
  • Falco
    • Down air clean hit is now a meteor smash.
  • Ganondorf
    • Beast Ganon now bypasses shields.
    • Minor palette fixes.
  • Ichigo
    • Fixed his Idle Blink and made it play faster.
  • Isaac
    • Minor fixes to his special fall animation.
  • Kirby
    • Updated Isaac Kirby to match the way Move works now.
  • Krystal
    • Fireburst Pod now bypasses shields.
  • Link
    • Characters can no longer SDI out of Triforce Slash if caught late.
    • Attack Trail for Down Air integrated into the animation.
  • Lucario
    • No longer gets stuck indefinitely when using Aura Storm on some stages.
  • Marth
    • Down air tipper no longer has priority over arm hitboxes.
    • Increased the height of the hitbox on Critical Hit to prevent whiffs on hit.
  • Meta Knight
    • Galaxia Darkness no longer whiffs on opponents who are directly behind him.
    • Updated freeze frames/camera shake on Galaxia Darkness’ initial hit.
  • Peach
    • Stage music now restarts properly after using Peach Blossom in the air.
  • Pikachu
    • Fixed overlapping SFX on backwards double jump.
  • Rayman
    • Updated hurtboxes on dash attack.
  • Sandbag
    • Dodge roll intangibility moved from frame 1 to frame 3 and adjusted GFX.
  • Sora
    • No longer becomes intangible when using Aerial Recovery.


  • Fixed the foreground layer scaling on Crateria, FlatZone+, Green Hill Zone, Hyrule Temple, and Pac-Maze.
  • Fairy Glade
    • Now tracks water KOs for the Steel Diver unlock condition.
    • Mushroom now resets a character’s momentum before bouncing them.
    • Mushroom no longer bounces characters when frozen, buried, in a barrel or egg, or during their Final Smash.
  • Updated Hueco Mundo’s preview image on stage select.
  • Adjusted Mushroom Kingdom I’s blast zones, camera, and spawn points.
  • Adjusted background on Suzaku Castle.
  • Casino Night Zone right Bumpers moved more to the center and further prevented the ability to stand on the corner bumpers without getting pinged.


  • This demo version was the last update of the "Rotation Release Cycle", which ran from March to December of 2020.