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Super Smash Flash 2 Demo
Beta 1.2
SSF2 Beta 1.2.png
Title screen for revision Beta.
Release date February 14, 2020
Note(s) Third iteration of final playable demo
Beta 1.2

Beta 1.2 is the third revision of the final major release of the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo and followed the second beta phase of development. It was the first of two versions released in 2020.

Differences from Beta 1.1

This demo features many differences from Beta 1.1, with the most notable being the addition of six new unlockable characters: Simon, Krystal, Rayman, Waluigi, Lucario, and Ryu. However, these characters, along with Sandbag and Pichu, would be available without needing to be unlocked during this demo. As with other versions of the demo, many changes have also been made to the returning characters, including Kirby, Ness, and Sora having completely new sprites.

Several new stages have been added as well, including Venus Lighthouse, The World That Never Was, Sky Pillar, Krazoa Palace, Suzaku Castle, Polygon Zone, Thousand Sunny, and Urban Champion. In addition to these, stages such as Mushroom Kingdom II and Nintendo 3DS received the stage hazards they had prior to being removed in Beta 1.0, and Central Highway received completely new sprites for its background.

Smash Balls return to the game, yet again, bringing Final Smashes with them. Nagato, Riku, Bullet Bill, and Magnet Bomber were also added as Assist Trophies, and Wobbuffet was added as a Poké Ball Pokémon. This update also added several new items: the Blood Sword, Poison Bomb, Screw Attack, Trophy Stand, Medusa Head, and Item Bag. The Master Ball item got updated, now behaving similarly to the official Super Smash Bros. games, in which it releases rare Pokémon, and the Trophy Stand acts similarly to its previous role.

Stamina was added as a new rule in Group matches, replacing damage with a set amount of hit points from 1 to 999. Additionally, All-Star was added as a new Solo game mode in which the player fights every character in the game, with the new All-Star Rest Area appearing between matches. Bonuses were also added among other changes to Classic's scoring system, which are also present in All-Star. A second level was added to Crystal Smash as well, and the targets in stages 3 and 4 of Target Smash were changed to be more consistent with those of levels 1 and 2.

Almost all characters were given new, far less limited costumes; every character's costume amount was changed to 12 costumes total, including the default one.

The menu and all UI elements received a visual upgrade, including the HUD, which also now displays players' stock icons during stock matches. New visual effects for multiple occurrences were added, such as clanking, hitting an invincible foe, charging a smash attack, and various attack trails. New sound effects and voice clips were also added, most notably for the Firework item, and Pichu, respectively.

Version history

  • View full changelog here.

  • Fixed black screen crash on app start.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad controls resetting in online mode.
  • Fixed Kirby and Rayman's LockJaw infinites.
  • Fixed crashes on self-destruct KOs caused by some Ness costumes.
  • Controls menu button added to online mode character select screen.
  • Select hand can now interact with online mode character select menu buttons.
  • 32-bit runtime fixed for Windows XP.
  • MGN’s lobby performance should now be back to v1.1 levels, if not better.

  • Fixed issue with some players still losing their gamepad settings in online mode (gamepad settings may need to be reconfigured in some cases).
  • Fixed issue that caused certain characters to desync in online under certain conditions (e.g. Sheik).
  • Fixed issue with clearing save data in the data menu causing a re-import of v1.1 save data.

  • Fixed issue with Stamina mode settings affecting certain event matches.
  • Replays forward-compatible with McLeodGaming Insiders release of v1.2.1.0.

  • View full changelog here.

  • View full changelog here.

  • Fixed Kaiō-ken Goku's Forward Smash.
  • Chibi-Robo's pocket no longer works on Final Smashes (and made some improvements/restrictions across various projectiles).
  • Minor balance tweaks

  • Fixed Lucario's Aura Sphere charge cancel.
  • Black Mage's Final Smash contents no longer pocketable by Chibi-Robo.
  • Added missing effects to Meta Knight's Forward Smash.

  • View full changelog here.

  • C-Stick Down/Left/Right out of dash now consistently results in dash attack.
  • Fixed freezing issue with Chibi-Robo's pocket projectiles.
  • Fixed Z-Dropping regression in PAC-MAN's fruits.
  • Other minor fixes and balancing.

  • Transcendent attack boxes no longer have attack cancellation interactions.
  • Fixed broken landing hitboxes.
  • Fixed freezing issue with Chibi-Robo's pocket projectiles.
  • Fixed Z-Dropping regression in PAC-MAN’s fruits.
  • Balancing tweaks.

  • View full changelong here.

  • Fixed issue with item spawn sparkles appearing in incorrect location from capsuled items.
  • Fixed issue where catching items mid-air with aerials other than Nair caused an auto-toss.
  • Restored correct behavior to Pit's dash attack.


  • Starting with this version of the demo, McLeodGaming began a new strategy for releasing updates called the "Rotation Release Cycle". With this strategy, a new update would be released every two months starting in March 2020 and continued to the end of 2020.
    • Due to this, the demo released with certain features such as Final Smashes left incomplete until a later update.
  • Prior to its release, Beta 1.2 was leaked many times, with a promotional build from April 2019 getting publicly released.