The first video to be released as part of the Content Creators Program.

The Super Smash Flash 2 Beta Content Creators Program, also referred to as Beta Content Creators or Content Creators Program for short, was a program started on November 4, 2016 by SSF2 Developers to promote the forthcoming Super Smash Flash 2 Beta and, ultimately, to replace the SSF2 Dev Blogs. It consisted of giving to notable YouTubers or professional Super Smash Bros. players a tester build of the aforementioned demo so they can produce promotional videos highlighting the new aspects and content for the game while also giving strong feedback in turn. McLeodGaming would openly admit suggestions for content creators on their social networks. The program was retired on May 29, 2017 with the official release of SSF2 Beta.

Qualifications for the program were fairly strict and included having at least 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. This was to prevent the average public from applying merely to obtain an early build of the game without being able or willing to contribute in return.

Content creators were restricted to show a limited amount of content from the game in order to avoid leaks or unwanted reveals. As the purpose of the program was largely to introduce new audiences to Super Smash Flash 2 rather than to keep existing fans updated, most videos do not involve any new content that had not been previously announced or revealed, though there have been exceptions. For example, Saffron City was first shown in a Content Creator video, along with a number of items, including the Fire Flower, Yellow Shell, and Flipper.

List of members

This is a list of the twelve different content creators in the program who released promotional videos of the tester build provided. Each has their name listed in the credits of SSF2 under the section labeled "Content Creator Program Members". Note that some of these creators have since changed their names and are listed as they were known when they contributed.


  • Although the news update for the Content Creators Program lists Omni as one of the creators taking part in it, he ultimately did not release any videos for it and is not listed among the other content creators in the credits for SSF2.

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