Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 2
SSF2 Chernabogue Album 2
Cover art for the album.
Music from work(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Composer(s) Alex Chernabogue Mourey
Publisher(s) Alex Chernabogue Mourey
Release date February 20, 2017
Platform(s) Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube
Type Original Soundtrack
Tracks 8
Volume 2

Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 2 is the second official soundtrack album of Super Smash Flash 2 in a series of albums created by Alex Chernabogue Mourey. The album was released by him on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube on February 20, 2017. The album consists of 8 music tracks featured in the game that were all arranged by him, which were to be included in the then unreleased Beta version.

Track list

This is a listing of the 8 tracks featured in Super Smash Flash 2: Volume 2 accompanied by the media they originate from and their lengths.

# Name Length Link
1 Mega Man symbolFlash In The Dark ~ Galaxy Fantasy
(Mega Man 9)
3:22 [1]
2 Tales symbolFatalize
(Tales of Symphonia)
4:11 [2]
3 Mario symbolOverworld
(Super Mario Bros. 2)
3:37 [3]
4 F-Zero symbolMute City
3:48 [4]
5 FINAL FANTASY symbolBattle Theme
2:53 [5]
6 Mario symbolUnderwater
(Super Mario Bros.)
2:39 [6]
7 PAC-MAN symbolPac-Maze
2:31 [7]
8 EarthBound symbolPokey Means Business
2:12 [8]


  • The tracks Flash In The Dark ~ Galaxy Fantasy, Overworld (SMB2), Battle Theme, Pac-Maze, and Pokey Means Business was renamed to Flash in the Dark/Galaxy Fantasy, SMB2 Overworld, Battle (Final Fantasy), Pac-Man Theme, and Porky Means Business in SSF2 respectively.
    • Additionally, Underwater hasn't been included in the game when Beta released.

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