Super Smash Flash 2: Music from Update 1​.​2
SSF2 Chernabogue Album 6
Cover art for the album.
Music from work(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Composer(s) Alex Chernabogue Mourey
Publisher(s) Alex Chernabogue Mourey
Release date February 18, 2020
Platform(s) Bandcamp, YouTube
Type Original Soundtrack
Tracks 14
Music from Update 1​.​2

Super Smash Flash 2: Music from Update 1​.2 is the sixth official soundtrack album of Super Smash Flash 2 in a series of albums created by Alex Chernabogue Mourey. The album was released by him on Bandcamp on February 18, 2020, with most of the tracks later being released on YouTube. The album consists of 11 music tracks featured in the game, specifically the recently released Beta 1.2, that were all arranged by him. There are also three bonus tracks available on the downloadable version of the album that are featured in the game's trailers, with one being unused.

Track list

This is a listing of the 14 tracks featured in Super Smash Flash 2: Music from Update 1​.2 accompanied by the media they originate from and their lengths. Shaded cells denote bonus tracks.

# Name Length Link
1 Castlevania symbol Castlevania Retro Medley
(Super Castlevania IV / Castlevania / Castlevania II: Simon's Quest)
4:38 [1]
2 Street Fighter symbol Ryu Stage
(Street Fighter II)
3:56 [2]
3 The Legend of Zelda symbol Main Theme
(The Legend of Zelda)
2:36 [3]
4 Pokémon symbol Sky Pillar
(Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire)
1:32 [4]
5 KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Don't Think Twice
3:20 [5]
6 Wario symbol Ashley's Theme
(WarioWare: Touched!)
2:16 [6]
7 Game & Watch symbol Flat Zone 2K19
(Game & Watch)
3:31 [7]
8 Mega Man symbol Storm Eagle
(Mega Man X)
3:04 [8]
9 KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Darkness of the Unknown
2:58 [9]
10 Pokémon symbol Sky Tower
(Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team)
3:49 [10]
11 KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Sacred Moon
3:57 [11]
12 Mario symbol Waluigi Trailer
(Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
1:07 [12]
13 Pokémon symbol Lucario Trailer (unused WIP)
(Pokémon Diamond and Pearl)
1:22 N/A
14 KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Don't Think Twice [Trailer]
1:24 [13]


  • This is the currently the only SSF2 album released by Alex Mourey to include more than eight tracks.
  • The bonus track Lucario Trailer (unused WIP) is not officially available on YouTube, and the playlist for the album instead features the later released track Duel Zone.
  • The track Main Theme was renamed to Zelda Main Theme in SSF2.
  • The artwork on the album cover was created by Just Gabe.

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