This article is about Mario's Super Jump Punch variant. For Luigi's variant, see Super Jump Punch (Luigi).
Super Jump Punch
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Mario using his Super Jump Punch, sending him diagonally up.
Universe Mario
User(s) Mario (Super Smash Flash 2)

Super Jump Punch (スーパージャンプパンチ) is Mario's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


Mario using Super Jump Punch against Wario on Mushroom Kingdom.

When performing this move, it causes Mario to jump diagonally up, giving what appears to be an uppercut to anyone in the way. The attack covers good vertical range and decent horizontal like it did in the Super Smash Bros. games. It can do up to 12% if all the hits connect with decent knockback. After Mario does the move lands on the stage, he will having landing lag in the form of him falling on his back and getting up. The move can be angled left or right to improve horizontal recovery. As a visual aesthetic, coins fly out of the opponent when they are hit with Mario's Super Jump Punch.


Mario's jumping from Super Mario Bros..

This move is based off on the common jumping technique from the Super Mario platforming games, a defining staple for this game series since Super Mario Bros. (though Mario has always been able to jump since his debut in Donkey Kong). While jumping cannot be used directly to attack enemies, Mario can directly jump to bump into blocks to take out the enemies above; sometimes, from these blocks coins and other power-ups may come out. For this reason, the move results in coins appearing (and immediately disappearing) for every hit Mario successfully connects.



Early designs


  • While the attack is not present in the original Super Smash Flash, it is worth mentioning that Mario has an extra attack by jumping, which resembles the Super Jump Punch, sans the coins.
  • This move is occasionally nicknamed as "Pay-Day Punch", a name the Nintendo Power magazine gave to the move in its review for Super Smash Bros., referring to the coins flying out of the enemy when dealing damage. This is a reference to the move Pay Day used by Meowth in the Pokémon games, which also causes coins to spawn.
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