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The subject was never implemented or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Super Arm
Super Arm SSF2.png
Mega Man symbol.svg
Mega Man throwing a block with Super Arm.
Universe Mega Man
User(s) Mega Man (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Mega Man throws a large block forwards that breaks upon hitting anything.

The Super Arm (スーパーアーム) was originally one of five special weapons that could be changed into Mega Man's standard special move, Weapon Use, with Weapon Change in Super Smash Flash 2. As of Beta, Weapon Change has been replaced by Water Wave, thus taking this move along with it. Mega Man still uses Super Arm as his grab animation, though it is completely different in functionality.


When performed, Mega Man would change color to yellow and take out a large yellow block before tossing it forward with both hands. The block would travel in an upward arc and at a decent speed. When coming into contact with anything after being thrown, the blocks would separate into four pieces. A block would deal 9% of damage and moderate knockback to the opponent whom is struck.


Artwork of Mega Man throwing a block with Super Arm in Mega Man.

The Super Arm is a weapon originally acquired by defeating Guts Man in the original Mega Man. In this game, the player would have to find certain blocks somewhere in the level that would flash when Mega Man is near them. He would then be able to pick one up and then throw it to attack enemies, though Mega Man is unable to use different weapons or climb ladders while carrying a block. It was also Cut Man's weakness and most effective weapon to use against him. In SSF2 it functions similarly to its Mega Man counterpart, except Mega Man doesn't need to find a block on the ground; he simply pulls one out of thin air.




  • Oddly, the blocks would not break after hitting an opponent if they are hit at the very beginning of the throw.
  • Prior to v0.6 of the SSF2 Demo, Mega Man's second special weapon was instead Rolling Cutter. It was changed to Super Arm for unknown reasons.
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