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Student 5
Student 5.png
Student 5 in School.
First appearance School (2005)
MG appearance(s) School
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Created by Gregory McLeod
Voiced by Gregory McLeod's father
Company McLeodGaming

Student 5 is a minor character and one of the students of Gregory McLeod's School flash animation as part of the Halloween 2005 special. He is short and fat, with black hair. He wears a gray T-shirt and black pants. He was the final student to be left alive by Mr. Hackensaw.

In School

Student 5 being nervious at Mr. Hackensaw in School.

After catching Student 1 and killing him, the creepy teacher, Mr. Hackensaw kills Student 1, he makes a killing question, if anyone else wants "to go to the bathroom". Student 2 tries to raise his hand but gets shot in the head by Mr. Hackensaw's gun, making Student 5 the last one alive in the class.

After resuming his "lesson", Mr. Hackensaw finally catches Student 5 trying to commit suicide with a pencil. After insulting and mocking the student for being obese, Mr. Hackensaw, instead of killing him, sends him to detention. Now in the detention room, which is a completely dark room, the student is completely alone with nothing more than a TV screen. The screen tunes off and a TV announcer says they will show the, then, long-awaited Simpsons Movie, which excites the boy, only to be reminded that the film is still in progress and is not finished, much to the dismay of the student, as he screams in frustration.


  • He was the only student to be left alive in the class. However, the boy's fate is unknown, so it's possible that he was left in the detention room indefinitely.