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Student 4
Student 4.png
Student 4 in School.
First appearance School (2005)
MG appearance(s) School
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Created by Gregory McLeod
Voiced by Kira Buckland
Company McLeodGaming

Student 4 is a minor character and one of the students of Gregory McLeod's School flash animation as part of the Halloween 2005 special. She is tall and thin, with blond hair. She wears a dark red T-shirt and blue pants. She was the second student to be killed by Mr. Hackensaw.

In School

After the creepy teacher, Mr. Hackensaw kills Student 3 with the knife, Student 4 tries to dial 911, but the teacher caughts her and order her to eat it, or else, would shot her. She eats it, suffocates, and dies.