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Student 2
Student 2.png
Student 2 in School.
First appearance School (2005)
MG appearance(s) School
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Created by Gregory McLeod
Voiced by Ch4r
Company McLeodGaming

Student 2 is a minor character and one of the students of Gregory McLeod's School Flash animation as part of the Halloween 2005 special. He is very tall and thin with blue hair. He also wears a dark green T-shirt and blue pants. He was the fourth, and last student to be killed by Mr. Hackensaw.

In School

When the creepy teacher, Mr. Hackensaw tries, for the first time to "teach" the math concept of "IR>U", this student attempts to explain what it means. He is then interrupted by Mr. Hackensaw, threatening to cut him with a knife if he is doesn't stay quiet.

After catching Student 1 and killing him, he makes a killing question, asking if anyone else wants "to go to the bathroom." Student 2 tries to raise his hand, but gets shot in the head by Mr. Hackensaw's gun.