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Strike Raid
SSF2 Sora - Strike Raid.png
Sora using Strike Raid.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sora throws his forward his Kingdom Key, hitting opponents multiple times and then reversing back towards him.

Strike Raid (ストライクレイド), previously called Keyblade Throw, is Sora's neutral special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sora leans back and then throws his Kingdom Key straight forward. The Kingdom Key spins around the entire time it travels, damaging opponents that make contact. After traveling a relatively decent distance forward, the Kingdom Key spins in place for about one second before reversing direction and flying back towards Sora. The spinning Kingdom Key can deal multiple hits of 1% damage each with low knockback to opponents hit, which may trap them in the attack. However, the final hit of the attack deals 3% damage and backward knockback to opponents hit, knocking them towards Sora to potentially begin a combo.

As a projectile, the Kingdom Key has low priority, making it very easy for it to disappear early if it hits an attack or a wall. However, it also can be a useful edgeguarding tool when used over an opponent, as it gimps certain recoveries such as Fox Illusion with its weak hits. Sora will regain his Kingdom Key as soon as the one thrown disappears, but he will be left vulnerable while the Kingdom Key is still active, which can lead him to be punished. Additionally, the move slows his descent when active, but because it also cancels his horizontal momentum, it does little to support his recovery.


Sora using Strike Raid in KINGDOM HEARTS.

Strike Raid is a recurring technique in the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, first appearing in the original KINGDOM HEARTS. In this game, Strike Raid is a Special Ability that Sora can use while on the ground against a target at long range. It lets Sora throw the Kingdom Key up to five times in a series of attacks, with the final strike, named "Judgement", being the most powerful. The Kingdom Key is summoned back to Sora's hand each toss after traveling enough distance. Sora is invulnerable during the technique, and much like in SSF2, the Kingdom Key will immediately return to Sora's hand if it hits an obstacle.



Early designs


  • The function of this move is very similar to that of Blazing End, Pyra's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both moves cause the character to throw their respective weapon forward, spinning in place and attacking multiple times before returning to the user, with the main difference being that Pyra can move while the Aegis is spinning but cannot attack until it returns.
  • Prior to v0.9b of the demo, Strike Raid was Sora's side special move, where the Kingdom Key functioned as a longer-ranged, single-hit projectile.
  • Prior to Beta, a technique existed called Strike Raid Cancelling, where if Sora lands during this move after using his back aerial, he will be able to act out of the move whilst the hitbox is still active.
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