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Black Mage charging Stop.
User(s) Black Mage (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Black Mage creates a circle around him that deals paralysis to any opponent that touches it.

Stop (ストップ) is the Black Mage's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


Black Mage using Stop against Mega Man on Waiting Room.

When performed, Black Mage creates a gray circle around him for a moment, which deals paralysis effect to any opponent that touches it as it expands. By holding the special button the move can be charged; there are 7 charge levels, each associated to a roman numeral (with the exception of the first "no-charge" level), and the move will deal more paralysis the higher the number used. After reaching 7, the move will be used automatically.

By pressing the shield button while charging, Black Mage will store the charge and shield or air dodge as soon as he can. Unlike most special attacks with a charge that can be saved, he cannot continue charging, as pressing the special button again will automatically release the attack at the charge level it was stored.

While the move deals no damage and stuns for a very short time at low charge levels, it can prove to be very deadly when at later levels, as it can easily setup for combos or huge punishes. For example, a level 7 Stop allows Black Mage to fully charge any smash attack before the opponent can move.

Stop can also reflect projectiles, though the timing is tricky.


Stop being used in the GBA remake of FINAL FANTASY.

Stop first appeared in FINAL FANTASY as a level 8 (highest) Black Magic spell, which can be learnt once the Black Mage is upgraded to a Black Wizard. Once casted, it inflicts paralysis to all enemies, preventing them from doing any action during battle.

The circle that appears around Black Mage is a clock to represent time stopping, which first appeared in FINAL FANTASY IV. The design, however, is based on how the spell looks in the Game Boy Advance remake of the first game.

The fact that the move can be charged is a reference to how in certain games of the franchise (e.g. FINAL FANTASY II) magic spells can be upgraded by repeatedly using them in battle.

The ability to reflect projectiles with Stop is unique to SSF2. However, there are many ways to reflect spells in FINAL FANTASY games, the most common being by casting Reflect, a White Magic spell.



Early designs

Black Mage's special moves
Standard special move Stop
Side special move Haste
Up special move Warp
Down special move Meteor
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