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Steven's avatar.jpg
Steven's avatar.
Alias Damian, Eggplant
Gender Male
Rank Super Smash Flash 2 developer, Fraymakers developer
Main role Spriting
Location Netherlands

Steven, occasionally known as Damian, StevenEggplant, or Eggplant is a Super Smash Flash 2 developer and a contracted Fraymakers developer, handling spriting.


Steven joined the McLeodGaming community through the McLeodGaming Forums on November 12, 2008. He would later become a moderator for the website, which he would remain until its closure in 2020.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

Steven joined the development team for Super Smash Flash 2 during the development of v0.6 of the demo. He is one of the lead sprite developers for the game and has contributed to the design of characters such as Bandana Dee, Pichu, and Luffy, many of which he has been the primary or sole designer for. Notably, he has created many characters' official artwork for the game. Steven has also made sprites for several stages and many different items.

In addition to developing sprites, Steven is an effects artist for the game, notably having contributed to many characters' Final Smashes during the development of Beta 1.2 in order to improve or outright replace them. He is also a figure in public relations, as he helps run the development team's Twitter account and has created many promotional posters for events such as Super Smash Con.

Work with Fraymakers

Although not a member of Team Fray, Steven is a contracted pixel artist for Fraymakers. He commonly assists the team in creating sprites from the initial drawings for the game's animations.


  • Steven was one of the first European SSF2 developers.
  • Outside of McLeodGaming, Steven has contributed to the independent game Unnamed Fiasco, becoming the second SSF2 developer to appear in the credits of a finished video game (after Cleod9 appeared in the credits of Yeah Jam Fury).

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