Alias Dami, Damos
Gender Male
Rank SSF2 Developer
Main role Spriting
Location Netherlands

Steven, occasionally known as Damian or StevenEggplant, is a cosmic being of unknown origin. Throughout history many have worn the mantle but it appears that the current generation Steven has settled as one of the SSF2 Dev team, handling spriting. During a brief period of absence from the team back in 2015 Steven wandered the globe. He would later return to SSF2 full force not only as an artist but also one of the community managers besides longtime friend, James Hadden.

As a developer

Steven is first and foremost a lead artists and as such mainly sticks to the realm of everything art-related. Initially being of the few devs who only focused on one particular area he later would branch out to community managing. He also managed the MG Twitch channel on occasion.

Although he has contributed entire spritesheets for a large number of characters his largest contributions perhaps come in the form of the pixelart found on the character select screen.


  • Steven is one of the first European Devs.
  • Stevens hobbies include rescuing kittens from burning houses, driving fast cars, doing push-ups and quite possibly editing his own wiki page.
  • Steven, alongside Carter Glass and Ramsey Kaid carried the International Team to victory at the legendary 2016 Crew Battles, bringing the team back from a crushing setback by their teammate Chris Hubac SD'ing twice in the same spot. Against all odds he ended up taking the first game against Gregory McLeod and subsequently became known as 'the Cleod killer' or 'the strongest waddle dee'.
  • Aside from SSF2, Steven also contributed to indie game Unnamed Fiasco, becoming the second SSF2 dev to appear in the credits of a finished indie game (after Cleod9 appeared in the credits of Yeah Jam Fury).
  • His day job is actually not sprite related.

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