Steam achievements are rewards given by the digital distribution platform Steam for completing certain game objectives or performing pre-determined actions in a game. Each achievement is represented with a small square image and a description of its requirement to unlock, and they can be viewed in the Steam application.

Currently, the only McLeodGaming game to support this reward system is its sole game released to Steam, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.

List of achievements in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!

There are 50 achievements that can be earned in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!, four of which are secret and only revealed after already being awarded. Each achievement shares the name, image, and unlock criteria with a corresponding sticker in the Memory Book. This is a list of the achievements in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! accompanied by their official award requirement description. Shaded cells denote secret achievements.

Image Name Requirement
UME Oops Achv Oops Restart a level.
UME Yeah! Achv Yeah! Finish a stage as Yeah.
UME Jam! Achv Jam! Finish a stage as Jam.
UME Fury! Achv Fury! Finish a stage as Fury.
UME What. Achv What. Witness Mr. Super.
UME Headstrong Achv Headstrong Fire a block at your head to force a switch to Fury.
UME I Can Also Be A Truck Achv I Can Also Be A Truck Complete 5,000 Blocks.
UME Mr. Fabricate! Achv Mr. Fabricate! Complete 10 B-Side Stages.
UME Mr. Navigate! Achv Mr. Navigate! Complete 50 B-Side Stages.
UME Past Pleasures Achv Past Pleasures Collect 15 stickers.
UME Past Fears Achv Past Fears Collect 30 stickers.
UME Past Struggles Achv Past Struggles Collect 45 stickers.
UME That's A Little Different... Achv That's A Little Different... Complete the 'Ghost Pepper' stage.
UME Thank You Achv Thank You Mute the VFX.
UME Super Rad Achv Super Rad Grab the mango in the credits level.
UME Night Light Achv Night Light Complete Lights Out.
UME B-Carotene Achv β-Carotene Complete Happy Birthday.
UME Do You Wanna Build Achv Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Launch Ms. Carrot into Mr. Snowman's Face.
UME Mr. Zane Cashier's Bane Achv Mr. Zane And The Cashier's Bane Complete Z-Mart.
UME Coming Up Short Achv Coming Up Short Lose Z-Mart with an accrued debt.
UME Caught A Cold Achv Caught A Cold Have Ms. Carrot freeze Yeah, Jam, and Fury each at least once.
UME Obtaining More Fast Achv Obtaining More Fast Beat your best time on any stage twice.
UME Everything, By Everyone Achv Everything, By Everyone Create 10 Stages.
UME Stitchcraft Achv Stitchcraft Beat Thread the Needle without refooting.
UME Mousetrap Achv Mousetrap Complete Just Grab It.
UME Mr. Eradicate! Achv Mr. Eradicate! Complete 100 B-Side Stages.
UME Bigger Than Bloo Achv Bigger Than Bloo Beat Oh Love in under 30 seconds.
UME Recycle Your Friends Achv Recycle Your Friends Create and break the same block three times.
UME The Fruits Of Your Labor Achv The Fruits Of Your Labor Collect one of every common mango.
UME Jordan Would Be Proud Achv Jordan Would Be Proud Complete Space Jam.
UME Places To Be, Mangoes To Eat Achv Places To Be, Mangoes To Eat Swing your hammer against 1,000 blocks.
UME Careful Destruction Achv Careful Destruction Beat Shaftcase without refooting.
UME Keeping Tabs Achv Keeping Tabs On Who You Are Transition between dudes 250 times.
UME Whales Don't Like Outlines Achv Whales Don't Like Outlines Complete Oh Love.
UME New Artist On The Block Achv New Artist On The Block Make a stage in Stage Builder.
UME Creator's Block Achv Creator's Block Make five stages in Stage Builder.
UME Thank You For Your Service Achv Thank You For Your Service Step foot on ten-thousand blocks.
UME Keeping Your Grimy Fingers Achv Keeping Your Grimy Fingers Off The Mirror Beat Eurydice without using the tops of the spires as checkpoints.
UME Doodle Dood Achv Doodle Dood Fire 20 blocks in a row without jumping or switching.
UME You're Gonna Carry That Weight Achv You're Gonna Carry That Weight Break fifteen-thousand blocks.
UME Ice Try. Achv Ice Try. Fall off 'Lose Your Footing' 5 times.
UME Did It On A Triple Dog Dare Achv Did It On A Triple Dog Dare Beat Icicles in under 11 seconds.
UME Facetime Achv Facetime Play with the title screen and access the credits via this method.
UME Blocking Out New Territory Achv Blocking Out New Territory Beat 10 Custom Stages.
UME I See, Achv I See, Beat 20 levels.
UME I Saw, Achv I Saw, Beat 50 levels.
UME I Conquered. Achv I Conquered. Beat 100 levels.
UME How Did They Upload Achv How Did They Upload This? Quit out of five unbeaten custom stages without getting the mango.
UME Semaphore Achv Semaphore Lack of a Better Achievement Name Pass through 200 Flags.


UME Locked Achv
  • For achievements in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! that the player is yet to unlock, the picture is replaced with that of a faceless Steel Block.

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