YJF Booster Pack

A booster pack containing three Steam Trading Cards for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.

Steam Trading Cards are collectible virtual cards given by the digital distribution platform Steam in certain games. Each card is adorned with a unique image, the name of the card at the top, and the name of the game at the bottom. The cards come in two series: a series of standard purple trading cards and a much rarer and more valuable series of silver versions of these cards, known as Foil Trading Cards.

Once a user has all the cards in a series, they can then craft them into a game badge, which earns the user a certain amount of XP contributing to their Steam Level. They can also be displayed on the user's profile. There are five "levels" of badges with the standard series of cards, with each level ascending after each crafting, but there is only one unique badge with the foil series. In addition to badges, crafting earns the user various randomized rewards, including profile backgrounds, which can be displayed in the background of the user's profile page, and emoticons, images which can then be used as text on Steam.

Normally, Steam Trading Cards are acquired through card drops, in which users receive a limited amount of random cards by playing a game for enough time. After running out of these, the user can buy a booster pack containing three random cards using Gems, which can be acquired by spending inventory items. Users can also trade cards, profile backgrounds, and emoticons with each other and purchase or sell them through the Steam Community Market.

Currently, the only McLeodGaming game to support Steam Trading Cards and their rewards is its sole game released to Steam, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.

List of trading cards and rewards in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!

There are eight trading cards, three profile backgrounds, and nine emoticons that can be acquired for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!. Each trading card or emoticon depicts a character or block from the game and each badge depicts a type of mango or similar food. There are four card drops and each booster pack costs 750 Gems.

Trading Cards

This is a list of the eight trading cards available for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! accompanied by images of their standard editions, their foil editions, and the enlarged image on the card, as well as the descriptions they are accompanied with.

# Standard Foil Name Description
1 Card - Yellow Block Card - Yellow Block (Foil) Yellow Block Despite what they've seen, they'll still smile for you!
Card - Yellow Block (Cover)
2 Card - Yeah! Card - Yeah! (Foil) Yeah! "I like my hat! Its big round and warm!!"
Card - Yeah! (Cover)
3 Card - Jam! Card - Jam! (Foil) Jam! "As far back as I can remember I was always at the same height that I am now except for a couple of back problems that are new"
Card - Jam! (Cover)
Card - FUURYYY! (Cover)
5 Card - Frosty Yeah Card - Frosty Yeah (Foil) Frosty Yeah "That Marshmallow! He was like nothing Ive ever seen before!"
Card - Frosty Yeah (Cover)
6 Card - Frosty Jam Card - Frosty Jam (Foil) Frosty Jam "Yeah are you seeing me on this ice

No you are not because I am going too fast and slipping right off of the edge"
Card - Frosty Jam (Cover)
7 Card - Frosty Fury Card - Frosty Fury (Foil) Frosty Fury "FURY LIKES SNOW! KEEPS HANDS COOL"
Card - Frosty Fury (Cover)
8 Card - Ms. Carrot! Card - Ms. Carrot! (Foil) Ms. Carrot! "Whatsa matter? Got cold feet?"
Card - Ms. Carrot! (Cover)


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This is a list of the six badges available for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! accompanied by their images, their levels, and the amount of XP awarded for crafting them.

Image Name Level XP
Badge - Grin de Papas Grin de Papas Level 1 100
Badge - Green Grinning Grin Green Grinning Grin Level 2 200
Badge - Sun Baked Grin Sun Baked Grin Level 3 300
Badge - Red Ripe Grin Red Ripe Grin Level 4 400
Badge - Frozen Delicious Frozen Delicious Level 5 500
Unknown Spicy Grin Foil Badge 100

Profile backgrounds

This is a list of the three profile backgrounds available for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! accompanied by their images, their rarities, and the descriptions they are accompanied with.

Image Name Rarity Description
Background - The Mango The Mango Common Even when your gaming takes you into the hours of 4AM and 5AM, just remember:

The mango is just within reach
Background - Stylin' Stylin' Uncommon They'll run through the clouds, through the desert, and through the pitch, all to get that righteous fruit
Background - Three Dude Moon Three Dude Moon Rare Hand dyed Profile Background featuring a stunning screen print of 3 dudes howling at a moon on a preshrunk, 100% cotton background dyed and printed by the developers.

This hand dyed background features a stunning screen print graphic on a preshrunk, 100% cotton background. Dyed and printed by The Developers. The Developers uses only inks and dyes, to bring you an incredibly durable and comfortable profile background.


This is a list of the nine emoticons available for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! accompanied by their images, their rarities, and the descriptions they are accompanied with.

Image Name Rarity Description
Emoticon - yjfblock :yjfblock: Common What's this dude smiling about?
Emoticon - yjffury :yjffury: Common He's gonna break all the emoticons!
Emoticon - yjfjam :yjfjam: Common He's a cool dude with a tendency to fall into the abyss
Emoticon - yjfsteel :yjfsteel: Common What's this dude all mad about?
Emoticon - yjfyeah :yjfyeah: Common He's got a big heart and a big mouth
Emoticon - yjfcarrot :yjfcarrot: Uncommon She's got it out for those mango loving freaks!
Emoticon - yjfmango :yjfmango: Uncommon The delicious fruit!
The goal to end all goals!
Emoticon - yjfzane :yjfzane: Uncommon He hates his job
Emoticon - yjfweird :yjfweird: Rare What's this dude looking at all weird-like??

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