Star Fox
Star Fox - Box art
Star Fox symbol
North American box art.
Developer(s) Argonaut Software
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Star Fox
Director(s) Katsuya Eguchi
Producer(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Artist(s) Takaya Imamura
Composer(s) Hajime Hirasawa
Release date SNES
JPFebruary 21, 1993
NAMarch 26, 1993
EUJune 3, 1993
Genre(s) Rail shooter, Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Star Fox (スターフォックス), released as Starwing in Europe, is a 1993 rail shooter video game developed by Argonaut Software and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The first game in the Star Fox series, Star Fox follows Fox McCloud and the rest of the Star Fox team defending their homeworld of Corneria against the attacking forces of Andross.

Star Fox is a rail shooter in a third-person and first-person 3D perspective. The player must navigate Fox's spacecraft, an Arwing, through environments while various enemies (spaceships, robots, creatures, etc.) attack them. Along the way, various power-ups are placed in the stage to help the player. The player receives a score at the end of each level based on how many enemies have been destroyed and how well the player has defended their teammates. At the end of each level there is a boss that the player must defeat before progressing to the next level.

In the Super Smash Flash series


As the very first entry in the Star Fox series, this video game marks the debut appearance of Star Fox leader, Fox McCloud and his comrade and friendly rival, Falco Lombardi. Fox appears as a playable character in both games of the Super Smash Flash games, while Falco appears only in the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2.


The Smart Bomb that debuts in this game, originally known as the Nova Bomb, appears as an item in SSF2. It is a small bomb that can be fired from an Arwing to create massive explosions, and it functions similarly as an item.

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