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Sonic and Mr. Game & Watch using stall-then-fall moves.

A stall-then-fall is a type of move used by several characters in Super Smash Flash 2 in which a character stalls, or stays, briefly in the air and then falls quickly. These moves cause the character to fall either directly downward or diagonally downward, often at a greater speed than that of their normal falling speed. The duration at which the character falls is long and often lasts until landing on a platform, which may result in a self-destruct when used offstage.

List of stall-then-fall moves

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Character Move Description
Bowser Bowser Bomb Bowser stalls in the air in a sitting position and then falls straight downward at a high velocity, attacking opponents below on the way down, as well as grounded opponents near Bowser when he lands. When used on the ground, Bowser will quickly leap into the air first. Bowser does not stop until landing, but he can also grab ledges and veer slightly left or right while plummeting.
Captain Falcon Falcon Kick When used in the air, Captain Falcon stalls in the air and then shoots diagonally downwards with a flaming kick. He travels quickly and for a relatively short duration time, and he regains his midair jump after using the move, making it useful for horizontal recovery.
Goku Down aerial Goku stalls in the air and then shoots diagonally downwards hands first like a missile while shooting ki from behind. Opponents hit are sent diagonally upward. When hit by the ki part of the attack by his feet, the opponent will be sent up and with strong knockback. Goku slides across the ground upon landing, and grounded opponents near him when he lands are dealt weak damage and knockback. When used in Kaiō-ken, the move is stronger and Kaiō-ken Goku falls faster.
Ichigo Gazan Ichigo stalls in the air, thrusts Zangetsu horizontally underneath himself, and falls quickly, meteor smashing opponents hit on the way down. The damage and knockback dealt becomes greater the longer he falls. When used on the ground, Ichigo first performs a Flash Step that paralyzes nearby opponents and jumps into the air. Ichigo does not stop until landing, but he can also grab ledges and veer slightly left or right while plummeting.
Kirby Stone Transforms into a hard, heavy object while in the air and falls quickly. This move can be cancelled after some seconds that Kirby has turned into the stone, negating Kirby's momentum in the process.
Lloyd Rising Falcon Slightly jumps into the air and falls a short distance at a 45 degree angle with his sword extended in front of him. This move can hit twice, the first hit sends opponents diagonally up with decent knockback. The last hit is at the ending, or at the landing, where it has even more knockback, KOing at middle-high percentages.
Mr. Game & Watch Down aerial Takes out a key and shoots downwards, key first. It has a relatively short duration and can be moved left or right as he descends. It is a strong meteor smash at the start when sweetspotted, having great KOing capability and dealing high knockback.
Naruto Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. It has a long duration and travels quickly, so one must be cautious when using it off-stage.
Sonic Down aerial Sonic stalls in the air and then quickly shoots diagonally downwards with a kick. It has a short duration but travels very quickly, making it risky to use off-stage.
Yoshi Yoshi Bomb On the ground, Yoshi jumps up a decent diagonal distance, flips forwards, and rockets downwards, hitting anyone that comes in contact with him on the way down. In the air, Yoshi does the same actions, minus the initial jump. Like Wario's down aerial, using this move off-stage will cause a SD. This move can be aimed to the left or right slightly.
Zero Suit Samus Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. It has a relatively long duration but travels somewhat slowly. It is a meteor smash at the start.