Bomb Factory with hazards enabled.
Bomb Factory with hazards disabled.
Bomb Factory's hazards (left), and the stage with hazards disabled (right).

A stage hazard, more commonly referred to as a hazard, refers to a particular stage element in Super Smash Flash 2 that can directly interfere with the characters as they are fighting in the middle of a match. Most stage hazards can directly damage and launch characters on contact, like the lava on Phase 8 or the red beams from Lunar Core, while other may be sudden changes or transitions on multiple stages' layouts, like Galaxy Tours or Castle Siege, and sometimes some may be more of a nuisance rather than an actual threat, like the drawers from Desk or the bumpers on Casino Night Zone. Some stages' hazards come in random intervals, too.

Stage hazards can be switched on and off from the Rules menu or stage selection screen, so that competitive players can play on a wider variety of stages — both neutral and counterpick. It should be noted, however, that some stages are still banned in tournaments even with hazards disabled, as their layouts, rather than hazards, may damage competitive play.

List of stages with hazards

The following list has all the stages that are affected by the hazard switch, and whether or not they are available in competitive play after getting their hazards disabled.

Stage Element(s) affected by the hazard switch ?
Bomb Factory The Blocks and Bombs are now transparent and intangible. Also disables the fixed zoomed-out camera. No
Bowser's Castle Prevents the Thwomp from coming and smashing the platforms. No
Butter Building Prevents the stage from ascending slowly upwards. TBA
Casino Night Zone Removes the bumpers. No
Castle Siege Prevents the stage from teleporting to the inside of the castle and the cavern sections. Yes
Central Highway Prevents both platforms on the sides from collapsing, and prevents the soft platform from spawning. No
Clock Town Disables the meteor shower, and prevents Tingle from appearing. No
Crateria Disables the acid rain. No
Desk Prevents the drawers from shutting in if attacked and makes it impossible to use the switch and turn on/off the lamp. No
Devil's Machine Prevents the random messages from appearing. No
Dream Land Prevents Whispy Woods from blowing air and pushing the players around. Yes
Galaxy Tours Prevents the stage from transitioning out of the Starship Mario. No
Green Hill Zone Makes the central floor indestructible, and prevents the lamppost from appearing. No
Hidden Leaf Village Removes the hurtboxes on the lamps in the background so they do not move. No
Hylian Skies Prevents the stage from transitioning to the Dark World. No
Jungle Hijinx Removes the Cannon Barrel. Yes
Krazoa Palace Disables the large fan in the middle removing the air stream. No
Lunar Core Prevents the damaging red beams from getting shot. No
Mushroom Kingdom Prevents the Piranha Plant from appearing from the Warp Pipes. No
Mushroom Kingdom II Prevents Birdo and Pidgit from appearing. No
Mushroom Kingdom III Prevents the P-Switch from appearing. The Brick Blocks still act normally. No
Nintendo 3DS Disables all indie games' transformations. No
PAC-MAZE Disables the screen-wrapping feature, allowing normal KO's without having to launch opponents while flinching. Also disables the forced-zoomed-out camera. No
Phase 8 Disables the lava waterfall in the middle of the stage and prevents the lava at the bottom from rising. No
Pokémon Colosseum Prevents the stage from transforming into a different layout. Yes
Princess Peach's Castle Prevents the Banzai Bill from appearing, crashing into the castle and exploding. Also disables the colored switches that generate ! Blocks and pass-through platforms. No
Rainbow Route Prevents the mirror doors from opening, sucking up and teleporting players to the upper mirror, rendering them helpless. Yes
Saturn Valley Disables the damage recovering factor from the hot spring in the middle of the stage. No
Skull Fortress Prevents the swarm of Mets, Battons, and the sole Sniper Joe 01 from coming to the foreground. No
Sky Sanctuary Zone Removes the small collapsible blocks on the sides of the stage. No
Steel Diver Removes the low gravity from being underwater. No
Tower of Salvation Removes Mithos Yggdrasill. Yes
WarioWare, Inc. Disables all microgames transitions. Yes
Urban Champion Prevents the pots from falling and the stage from scrolling to the left or right when a KO is scored on the left and right Blast line respectively. Unknown
World Tournament Disables the loss of a stock from stepping on the grass, with the grass now acting as a platform. No
Yoshi's Island (64) Reduces the stage's blast lines by removing the cloud platforms on the sides. No
Yoshi's Story Prevents the Propeller Shy Guys from appearing. Yes


  • The ability to disable stage hazards is one of many features that first appeared in the Super Smash Flash series before a similar feature was added into the official Super Smash Bros. series.
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