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Spike Top
Spike Top.png
Mario symbol.svg
Spike Top's artwork in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Universe Mario
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
MG appearance(s) A Super Mario World
Gender Varies
Alignment Evil
Company Nintendo

Spike Top (トゲメッ) is a recurring enemy in the Mario series.

Character description

Spike Tops are Buzzy Beetles with shells that are red and have a single spike projecting out of the top, making them impossible to jump on. They are also resistant to fire, which makes them one of the most resilient enemies in the Mario franchise. Their defining trait is their ability to crawl along vertical and upside-down surfaces. Despite being a shelled enemy, any effective method of attack will normally defeat them instantly instead of having them retreat into their shells.

In A Super Mario World

A Spike Top, as it appears in A Super Mario World.

A Spike Top appears in the McLeodGaming cartoon A Super Mario World, where it briefly appears in the first episode as one of the monsters that Mario fights with the Master Sword. It walks across the ground and jumps towards Mario before being crushed by a Yellow Koopa Paratroopa, killing it.

A Spike Top also appears briefly in the credits of the third episode as one of the enemies fighting Link. It quickly approaches him before being immediately defeated with the Master Sword.