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Blade using his down aerial, an attack that can spike opponents.

A spike is an attack in the Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Flash series that sends enemies downwards. Unlike meteor smashes, spikes cannot be meteor cancelled, making them very powerful tools for edgeguarding.

In Super Smash Flash

Although the How to Play tutorial mentions meteor smashes, meteor cancelling is absent from Super Smash Flash. Therefore, the game only contains spikes.

Every character's up and down aerials can spike. Due to the instant-KO attack glitch, however, getting those moves to actually spike is considerably difficult; they will send static grounded opponents upwards, and may strongly semi-spike opponents who are moving horizontally. In order to properly spike opponents, one needs to hit an airborne opponent who is moving extremely slowly, or not at all.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Marth hitting Naruto with his down aerial, a move that spikes opponents.

In Super Smash Flash 2, every attack that sent opponents downwards was a spike, until the addition of meteor cancelling in demo v0.8a, where every attack that sent foes downwards became a meteor smash, instead.

Spikes were re-introduced to SSF2 in Beta Players are unable to meteor cancel their knockback if they get sent flying by attacks whose angles are coded to be lower than 250°, or higher than 290°. This means that some moves will only spike in specific situations, i.e moves such as Pichu's forward aerial multi-hits, whose knockback angle and strength depend on the user's current movement speed, may end up spiking opponents who get affected by both hits.

List of spikes by character

The list below only includes moves that can spike without needing to be affected by knockback stacking or other unorthodox situations.

Character Move Notes
Bandana Dee Parasol Dive Only spikes when started midair.
Black Mage Down aerial Only the late hit can spike opponents.
Captain Falcon Has to be sweet spotted at his chest in order to spike, and will meteor smash otherwise. This spike is known as the Nipple Spike.
Falco Will only spike during its clean hit.
Fox N/A
Ganondorf Wizard's Dropkick Will only spike when started midair.
Goku Forward aerial Goku's version only meteor smashes at its end whereas his Kaiō-ken variant does it at every point.
Lucario Force Palm The midair version is the only one that spikes on hit.
Mario Forward aerial Only spikes when sweetspotted.
Marth Down aerial Will only spike when tippered.
Rayman Only the last hit will spike. Other hits' spiking properties depend on Rayman's momentum during the move.
Sandbag N/A


Mario getting spiked by Sandbag's down smash due to knockback stacking, on Battlefield.

  • Prior to Beta 1.3, moves such as Sandbag's down smash, which deal more than one hit (one of them being a meteor smash), could end up spiking opponents due to how knockback stacking worked.
  • Before spikes were re-added to SSF2, Marth's down aerial contained a variable that turned its tipper hitboxes into spikes. The variable did not work, however.
    • Although spikes had gotten added already, Marth's tippered down aerial did not properly spike until Beta, potentially due to the fact that the "force tumble fall" variable was set to true in the character's code.