Spear-Mask in Super Smash Flash.
Universe Wario
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Stage(s) it appears Floating Islands

Spear-Mask is a red-robed enemy carrying a spear above his head that originally appeared in the game, Wario Land 4. It is one of the many enemies found in the infamous Adventure level in Super Smash Flash, Floating Islands.

Character description

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In Super Smash Flash

Spear-Masks have a similar behavior to Red Koopa Troopas: they chase after the player's character and will turn around if the character happens to pass them. This makes them unique among the other enemies found in the Floating Islands in Super Smash Flash as they are the only non-aerial variety faced on that level, which restricts them to patrol only a certain area as they cannot follow the character to other islands and will not drop like Koopa Troopas do. Still, any contact with them result in the characters taking damage and getting pushed back a bit. As usual, it only takes one attack to defeat them. Only the red "angry" variety of Spear-Mask appears, it is not possible to change it to its other yellow and blue variants from Wario Land 4.

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