Spear-Mask in Super Smash Flash.
Universe Wario
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Stage(s) it appears Floating Islands

Spear-Mask is an enemy that appears in Wario Land 4. It is one of the many enemies found in the infamous Adventure level in Super Smash Flash, Floating Islands.

Character description

Spear-Masks are recurring enemies in Wario Land 4 that wear differently colored robes and white masks, wielding spears right in front of them in hopes of harming Wario with them. In turn, Wario may instead try to attack them from above or behind in order to avoid the spear. They come in three colors: yellow, blue and red, becoming more tougher as the color cycles in that order. Yellow Spear-Masks walk back and forth simply pointing with their spears, blue Spear-Masks spin their spears when they turn around, making them impervious to Wario's contact from above and behind, red Spear-Masks also spin their spears and upon spotting Wario, their eyes turn red as they raise their spears in the air and charge towards him.

Wario can smash the ground when there is a nearby Spear-Mask to cycle between its three color variants: a yellow one turns blue, blue turns red and red turns back to yellow. Depending on the color, Wario may receive a high amount of treasure if he defeats a Spear-Mask while it is red intead of yellow.

In Super Smash Flash

Red Spear-Masks appear as enemies in Super Smash Flash, in which their sprites are ripped from Wario Land 4. They are exclusive to the aforementioned Floating Islands and behave similarly to Red Koopa Troopas: they chase after the player when nearby and will turn around if they happen to pass them. Unlike the other enemies that appear on Floating Islands, Spear-Masks are grounded and will fall off of platforms upon reaching the edge of one. Any contact with them results in the player taking damage and getting pushed back a bit, and it only takes one attack to defeat them.

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