This article is about the fortieth Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! level. For the forty-second Yeah Jam Fury level, see Space Jam (Yeah Jam Fury).
Space Jam
Space Jam UME A1
Yeah standing at the start of the A-Side version of this level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
Theme Space
Level number 40
Space Jam

Space Jam is the fortieth level of Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!. To access it, the player must clear ten levels.


This expansive level features the Space theme and, like most levels with this theme, zero gravity. With no gravity to automatically move the player downwards, they may instead be suspended with no vertical momentum. Vertical momentum can be gained by jumping, placing Yellow Blocks with Yeah, boosting with Jam, or walking with Fury, and it will be kept until the player stops against a block.


The layout of this level consists of blocks scattered across it, including several collections of Yellow Blocks representing stars and Steel Blocks in the shape of a satellite, as well as a collection of Yellow and Ice Blocks in the upper-left corner in the shape of a crescent moon. The player starts on top of a satellite in the lower-left corner with one Yellow Block in their quota. They must reach the upper-right corner of the level, where the mango is surrounded by several Steel Blocks, and traverse through these blocks to obtain it. Doing so requires the player to traverse around the other blocks in their path, including a few large clusters of Steel Blocks with small openings. The player is also encouraged to explore the level to find more Yellow Blocks they can break with Fury and then place with Yeah to travel across it, though this is not required.


The B-Side version of this level is identical in design, but not only is it flipped horizontally, but the player now starts at a Yeah Flag with 10 blocks in their quota. The player also can no longer refoot, and instead the level will restart if they fall. The objective remains the same, as the player now must reach the mango with fewer options of doing so and a severely limited supply of Yellow Blocks.





  • This level is a remake of the forty-second level of the original Yeah Jam Fury. The remade level is almost identical in both name and design to the original.
  • Although the Space theme is no longer unique to this level, the A-Side version of it is the only A-Side level in the game to use the Space theme and the gimmick of zero gravity.
  • Beating this level will unlock the Jordan Would Be Proud achievement and sticker.
  • Like with the previous incarnation of this level, the name of this level and the Jordan Would Be Proud achievement are references to the 1996 film Space Jam, where Michael Jordan is the main star.
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