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This article is about Sonic's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic the Hedgehog
in Super Smash Flash 2
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Sonic's official artwork.
Universe Sonic
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Availability Starter
Final Smash Super Sonic
Tier A (18)

Sonic is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. Unlike the Super Smash Bros. games, he is not the only representative of the Sonic franchise, he is joined by his sidekick, Tails. Sonic's sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. His voice clips are directly taken from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Sonic Unleashed. His moveset is a combination of his SSB4 and Project M movesets.

Sonic is currently ranked 18th out of 47 on the tier list, placing him in the A tier. He appears to have a decent playerbase but lackluster representation in online tournaments. Normally, he places low to mid in tournaments that his players participate in.


MG icon.svg See also: Sonic (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Sonic is a middleweight who has outstanding mobility like in his home series. He unsurprisingly has the fastest dashing speed and among the fastest walking and air speeds in the game. With his above-average falling speed, Sonic can travel across the stage at a blinding speed despite his average gravity and slow air acceleration. Additionally, these traits make him able to easily and effectively utilize a rushdown playstyle.

Sonic's neutral attack, tilts, and throws deals decent damage and has minimal lag, making them hard to punish. His grab game is average, it is fairly easy to land thanks to his speed. Sonic's pummel is quick, allowing him to rack up a fair amount of damage before throwing an opponent. Up throw is a reliable combo starter and can chaingrab fast fallers. It has decently damaging combos beginning at 0%, as well as Spring Jump follow-ups beginning at medium percentages. It also has KO potential, although it KOs reliably at very high percentages. Down throw sends opponents at a low angle with high base knockback, which makes it excellent for starting combos and tech-chases. Back throw moves Sonic backward, which makes it useful for setting up for immediate edgeguarding. It also has KO potential due to its high base knockback, especially if it is used near the edge. Lastly, forward throw is his least useful throw, as its main purpose is for forcing the opponent away from him.

Sonic also has a strong air game. Neutral aerial is a great combo starter because of its low landing lag and launching angle. Up aerial has KO potential near the upper blast line and is great for combos, while its minimal lag makes it deceptively safe. Forward aerial is useful for starting and finishing combos thanks to its sourspot's launching angle and its sweetspot being a meteor smash. In certain instances, its sourspot can combo into itself at low percentages thanks to Sonic's fast air speed. Back aerial's clean hitbox is strong, making it one of his few reliable KO options like his up aerial and forward aerial. Lastly, down aerial is a stall-then-fall, it is Sonic's least effective aerial but it lacks startup, can be useful for combos, and its clean hitbox can meteor smash.

Sonic has useful special moves. Homing Attack deals consistent damage and homes in on the nearest opponent, making it useful for punishing missed or laggy attacks and breaking edgeguards. Spin Dash allows him to not only move across the stage but also deal damage upon contact. It hits multiple times and moves faster than his dashing speed, making it a reliable alternative to dashing. Jumping out of Spin Dash allows Sonic to hop while spinning, making him a jumping hitbox for a brief moment. It also gives him additional protection while chaining into other attacks and recovering. The mobility of the move combined with Sonic's already impressive speed makes him capable of racking up more damage in a short amount of time, and can clank and cancel out certain moves like Mario's fireball. Light Dash is one of Sonic's most reliable KO options, especially when sweetspotted. It can also be used as a recovery move to grab the ledge. Spring Jump is a useful recovery that goes very high and is one of the few recovery moves that does not cause helplessness, enabling Sonic to attack and dodge during his descent. The spring that is dropped can be useful both onstage and offstage by allowing him to pressure and gimp opponents, respectively.

Mastering Sonic's speed is important to perform at higher skill levels. Sonic players often take advantage of a variety of dash-related techniques like dash-dancing and dash canceling, which can be used for mind games during gameplay. Players also run away in one direction and then quickly turn back around to bait opponents or to avoid them altogether rather than roll-dodging. This allows the player to not be as easily punished and instead be able to punish their opponent's mistakes. In general, Sonic can often win neutral due to his speed and maneuverability onstage with fast attacks that can be used to approach with.

However, Sonic has some weaknesses. His KO potential is held back by his most reliable KO options (forward smash, down smash, forward aerial, back aerial, up aerial, and Light Dash), requiring good positioning and having noticeable startup and ending lag. While Sonic's ability to quickly rack up damage is respectable, he struggles to KO, which often results in opponents living up to very high percentages. He may also struggle to land due to his slow air acceleration, leaving him vulnerable to juggling. Sonic can also have difficulty dealing with camping and projectiles since they can severely limit his movement options. Some of his attacks are also punishable, which allow openings for opponents to punish when missed. His recovery can be predictable because of how linear it is with Spring Jump being his only vertical recovery option. Although Light Dash can be used for reads, using it in mid-air puts Sonic in a helpless state until he lands, leaving him temporarily vulnerable to punishes and self-destructs when used recklessly.

Overall, Sonic has strong neutral and offensive play with the potential to rapidly damage his opponents. But like other characters of his archetype, he has trouble KOing often.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Performs two punches, followed by a kick. Its first and second hit are capable of jab locking and the final hit can be easily followed up with another move due to its lack of ending lag. Based on Sonic's Punch + Punch + Kick combo from Sonic the Fighters. 2%
Forward tilt Plants his hands on the ground and kicks both legs forward. Its minimal startup lag makes it useful for spacing and starting tech-chases. Based on the Horse Kick from Sonic the Fighters. 8%
Up tilt Performs a 540 kick. Its vertical range makes it a useful anti-air attack, and it can be used for combos. However, it has poor horizontal range. Resembles the Skip Kick from Sonic the Fighters. 4%
Down tilt Performs a legsweep, moving slightly forwards. Its diagonal angle can easily start combos at low percents. Resembles the Leg Throw from Sonic the Fighters and the Foot Sweep from Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed. 9%
Dash attack Performs a Spin Dash followed by a flying kick, hitting four times. Its minimal startup lag can allow it to pressure opponents and set up or extend combos, although it has noticeable ending lag. Resembles the Somersault attack from Sonic Adventure 2. 2%
Forward smash Spins his arm behind him before punching forward. Its high knockback growth and good range makes it one of Sonic's best KO options. However, it has noticeable ending lag. Based on the Wind-Up Punch from Sonic the Fighters. 14%-15%
Up smash Performs a jumping Spin Dash, hitting five times. It has moderate startup and low ending lag, making it useful for starting aerial combos. However, it kills at extremely late percents despite being a smash attack. 3%-4%
Down smash Performs a split kick, similar to Fox's down smash. It has the lowest amount of startup lag out of Sonic's smash attacks. It hits on both sides and is also a semi-spike, which make it useful for edgeguarding. However, it has noticeable ending lag. 12%-13%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Curls into a ball and spins in place, hitting twice. Its diagonal angle can lead to combos from low to mid percents. Resembles the Air Spin from Sonic the Fighters and the Insta-Shield technique from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. 7%
Forward aerial Somersaults forward with an overhead axe kick. It has a sweetspot at the heel which can meteor smash opponents, making it one of Sonic's best KO options. The sourspot is useful for extending combos due to the move's low startup lag. Based on the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle, as well as Sonic's forward aerial in Project M. 10%-12%
Back aerial Performs a hook kick that has sex kick properties. Its impressive damage output and high knockback growth make it one of Sonic's best KO options, especially when used for edgeguarding. However, it has noticeable startup lag, which can make it somewhat hard to land. 14%
Up aerial Performs an upward scissor kick, hitting twice. Its minimal startup lag makes it safe and can be a viable KO option near the upper blast line, especially as a follow-up from Spring Jump. 7%
Down aerial Kicks diagonally downward, boosting in that direction. It is a stall-then-fall and it has a sweetspot that meteor smashes only at the beginning of the move. Resembles the Stomp Dive from Sonic the Fighters and the Sonic Rocket from Sonic Battle. 9%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches both hands out to grab. N/A
Pummel Knees the opponent. 1%
Forward throw Performs a stretch kick. It lacks KO power but is useful to force opponents offstage. Resembles the Top Kick from Sonic Battle. 10%
Back throw Quickly backflips with the opponent twice before kicking them away. It is Sonic's second strongest throw. 11%
Up throw Throws the opponent upwards and sharpens his quills to stab them. It is a reliable combo starter at low percents and one of the strongest up throws in the game. 9%
Down throw Pins the opponent to the ground and then Spin Dashes onto them, hitting three times. Its diagonal angle can start or extend combos from low to mid percents. Resembles the Double Spin from Sonic the Fighters. 2%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Performs a legsweep around himself while getting up. 8%
Ledge attack Spin Dashes forward while climbing up. Resembles the Cliffhanger Flip from Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. 7%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Neutral special move Homing Attack Curls up into a ball while briefly ascending, homes onto the nearest opponent, and then rams into them. It is a useful edgeguarding option and can be used as horizontal recovery. It can also be used as a follow-up combo from various moves. Additionally, Sonic will perform a pose if he successfully lands the attack, and the animation can be canceled with any action. 8%
Side special move Light Dash Charges up before dashing forward at a high speed, damaging opponents on his way. Its sourspot deals little damage and knockback, but its sweetspot can KO reliably well. It can also be angled up or down and used as horizontal recovery. However, it has noticeable startup and ending lag. 5%
Up special move Spring Jump Boosts high into the air with a spring that appears underneath him. Although its primary use is for recovering, it is also useful for partaking in combos. When used on the ground, the spring remains stationary for a few seconds, allowing Sonic and any other character to keep bouncing off of it until it vanishes. When used in mid-air, the spring falls down and can be used to attack or gimp opponents underneath Sonic. 6%
Down special move Spin Dash Curls into a ball and starts rolling towards his opponents at a fast speed. Button mashing is required in order to charge the move. It has great combo potential thanks to its ability to be followed up or canceled with almost any aerial and special attack. 5%
Final Smash Super Sonic Gathers the Chaos Emeralds and uses them to transform into his super form. When activated, Sonic is invincible during its duration and can fly in any chosen direction. The longer the direction is held, the more powerful his ramming attack will be. However, Sonic is susceptible to self-destructs if he goes too far into a horizontal or bottom blast zone despite being invincible. 3%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Spin Dashes onto the stage from the foreground and strikes a pose.
Taunts Standard Somersaults and then crosses his arms with his index fingers pointing out (one of his poses from Sonic Adventure), while making three tsking sounds.
Side Performs the Super Peel Out, a technique from Sonic CD, while saying "You're too slow!".
Down/Up Performs the windmill, a breakdancing move, while saying "Come on, step it up!".
Idling Looks at the camera for a moment while tapping his foot impatiently. It is his idle animation from the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Genesis.
Victory theme A remix of the fanfare that plays whenever an act is cleared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
Victory pose Stops running on-screen and then gives a thumbs up while saying "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!".

Changes from v0.9b

MG icon.svg Main article: Sonic (Super Smash Flash 2)/Changelog

Sonic has received a mix of buffs and nerfs, but he was mostly buffed overall. He has gained a lot from his moveset based on his appearance in SSB4 and Project M. Changes to his moveset and the knockback in some of his moves gives him better combo ability and more KO options. Additionally, his recovery and edgeguarding ability are also better, improving his neutral game. These changes allows him to compete against the roster better. However, the range and KO options in some of his moves has been nerfed. Despite the nerfs he was given, he has great mobility and approaching options, good recovery, and good edgeguarding game.


  • Neutral Sonic has received custom-made sprites that are based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
    • Buff This allows him to have better hitbox placement across his entire sprite.
  • Neutral All of Sonic's voice clips are now directly from Brawl and Sonic Unleashed.
  • Neutral Sonic has one of his idle animations removed. However, his current idle animation has been shortened.
  • Neutral Sonic now makes tsking sounds while performing his standard taunt like in Brawl.
  • Neutral Side taunt no longer uses spin sounds.
  • Neutral Sonic has a new down taunt, where he performs a breakdance while saying "Come on, step it up!" like in Brawl.


  • Buff Sonic jumps slightly faster.
  • Neutral Spotdodge's animation has changed, Sonic now turns around completely.
    • Buff Additionally, it has less ending lag.
  • Nerf Dodge roll has more ending lag.
  • Neutral Airdodge's animation has been changed to match Brawl's.
    • Nerf Because of this, it has less intangibility frames.
  • Neutral Sonic's gravity is higher.
  • Buff Sonic's updated crouch animation reduces his hurtbox more.
  • Neutral Sonic has a new floor attack, where he performs a legsweep as he is getting up like in Brawl.
    • Buff ​Because of this, Sonic now kicks both sides. He also gains intangibility frames.
  • Neutral Sonic has a new ledge attack, where he Spin Dashes forward as he gets up like in Brawl.
    • Nerf However, it deals slightly less knockback.
  • Neutral ​Like all characters in SSF2 Beta, Sonic now has item throw animations.

Ground attacks

  • Buff Jab is faster and has less ending lag, allowing Sonic to do follow-ups sooner.
  • Buff ​Forward tilt deals more damage and knockback, making it KO sooner.
    • Nerf However, it has more ending lag.​
  • Buff Up tilt's animation has been changed to match Brawl's, giving it more vertical range. It also deals more knockback.
    • Nerf Because of this, it now has less horizontal range. It also deals less damage.
  • Buff ​Sonic has a new down tilt, where he does a sweep kick like in Brawl. It deals more damage and vertical knockback, making it easier to start combos.
  • Buff ​Sonic has a new dash attack, where he spins multiple times before doing a flying kick at the end like in SSB4. It deals more damage and makes it a better option at tech-chasing and punishing.
    • Nerf However, it has more ending lag.
  • Nerf Up smash's final hit deals slightly less damage and significantly less knockback, hindering its KO potential.
    • Buff ​However, its decreased knockback can lead to follow-ups easier.
  • Buff ​Forward smash deals slightly more damage.
    • Nerf However, it has slightly less range.
  • Buff Sonic has a new down smash, where he does a split kick like in SSB4. It has less startup and ending lag and deals consistent damage and more knockback. It also sends opponents at a semi-spike angle, increasing its KO and edgeguard potential.
    • Nerf However, it has less range.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff ​Neutral aerial now does two hits, dealing more damage. It also deals more diagonal knockback, allowing it to start or extend combos sooner.
  • Neutral ​Up aerial's animation has been changed to match SSB4's. Sonic no longer twists around when performing the scissor kick.
    • Buff ​Up aerial's first hit connects to the second hit easier. The second hit also deals more knockback.
  • Buff ​Sonic has a new forward aerial, where he does an axe kick like in Project M. It meteor smashes at the heel, giving Sonic another KO option. Its sourspot also deals more damage and knockback.
    • Nerf However, it has slightly more startup lag.
  • Neutral ​Back aerial's animation has been slightly changed to match Brawl's.
    • Neutral ​It deals more damage but less knockback, making it KO later.
  • Buff ​Down aerial now meteor smashes at the beginning of the move. Its sourspot also deals slightly more knockback.

Grab and throws

  • Nerf Grab has less range.
  • Buff Pummel is slightly faster.
  • Neutral ​Sonic has a new up throw, where he stabs his opponents with his quills like in Brawl.
    • Neutral ​It deals slightly more damage and knockback. However, its increased knockback slightly makes it harder to start combos.
  • Buff ​Forward throw deals more damage and significantly more knockback.
  • Buff ​Back throw deals more damage and significantly more knockback, making it a better KO option.
  • Buff ​Down throw now sends opponents into the air, allowing it to start combos easier. It also deals more damage and knockback.

Special moves

  • Buff ​Homing Attack can now lock on opponents easier and it has slightly less ending lag, making it a better follow-up and edgeguard option.
  • Buff ​Light Dash can now travel in three directions and covers slightly more distance, its sweetspot also KOs sooner.
  • Neutral ​Sonic's spring has a new design, matching its appearance in the modern Sonic games starting with Sonic Adventure.
    • Buff ​Spring Jump gains slightly more vertical distance.
  • Neutral Spin Dash's hitstun and knockback changes allows Sonic to follow-up easier. However, it now deals consistent damage, dealing less damage overall.
    • Neutral ​Bounce Attack has been removed, this gives Sonic one less meteor smash and he no longer has a move that instantly grabs the ledge. However, Spin Dash can now be canceled in mid-air with an attack or special attack to help him recover back onstage.
  • Neutral Sonic's final smash, Super Sonic, has been significantly changed to match how he controls in Brawl and SSB4.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players


  • !Artmagic

Tier placement history

In tier lists for demo v0.6, Sonic was seen as a top tier character ranking 3rd of B tier on the first list and 1st of S tier on the second list. In demo v0.7, Sonic was seen as a high-top tier character where he ranked 6th of B tier on the first list and 4th of A tier on the second list. In demo v0.8b, Sonic had his worst tier position yet where he ranked 19th of K tier and was seen as a bottom tier character. However, in demo v0.9a, Sonic would once again make his way back into the top tiers where he ranks 1st of S tier and he was once again seen as the best character in a demo. In demo v0.9b, Sonic dropped to 20th of B tier where he was seen as a mid tier character. However, the changes in the metagame showed that Sonic was not as effective like he was in the previous demo, so he then dropped down to 27th of C tier on the second tier list of demo v0.9b, where he is unfortunately seen as a bottom tier character again.



SSF2 Sonic Costumes.png



Early designs




  • Sonic, along with Meta Knight, Falco, Lucario, Marth, Mega Man, and Black Mage are the only characters so far to wear their default costumes in team Battle when they are on the blue team.
  • Sonic can outrun Sand Ocean with the aid of the Super Mushroom item.
  • Sonic is the first character so far to be 1st on a tier list twice (demos v0.6 and v0.9a respectively), the second being Meta Knight.
    • He is also the first character to rise from the "Kirby tier" directly into S tier during the transition from demo v0.8b to v0.9a.
  • Sonic's first artwork was based on a victory pose he makes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His second artwork resembled his up smash charging animation.

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