This article is about Sonic's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Sonic.
Sonic the Hedgehog
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Sonic
Universe Sonic
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Availability Starter
Tier B (18)

Sonic is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash from the extensive cast of characters from the Sonic franchise. He is the second fastest character in the game in terms of moving speed, putting him just behind his clone, Super Sonic. As with the rest of the Sonic cast in the game, Sonic's sprites and attack are ripped straight from the GBA game, Sonic Battle.

Sonic is ranked 18th on the tier list. Sonic is one of the fastest characters in the game, with his high movement and attack speed giving him a strong rushdown game. Sonic can use his Spin Dash to approach whilst dealing damage, and he has some decent finishers. He can use his Spin Kick to overwhelm his opponent, then KO them with his Flash Kick. This makes Sonic one of the better beginner characters to begin with.

However, Sonic has range problems, which gives him a very difficult time against characters that out range him. He is also totally incapable of handling projectiles, as he lacks a projectile himself. Sonic's movement speed actually works against him, as the game's physics make him very hard to control. Sonic lacks survivability, as his jump height is only average at best, he cannot momentum cancel, and he has a difficult time countering opponents' edgeguards. These traits give him bad match ups with higher tiered characters such as Lloyd and Tails.

Sonic is ranked one place below Super Sonic as the latter is much faster and has better finishers than Sonic, despite a slower attack speed and a larger hurtbox. This makes Sonic pretty much obsolete in the convoluted environment of SSF.


Attack Description Damage Image
Standard attack Sonic throws a jab as he skids a bit across the ground. 5% SSF Sonic standard attack
Side attack Sonic performs a windmill kick as it propels himself forward; this attack offers momentum canceling, aiding in Sonic's survivability when launched off the stage. Though the distance covered is not that great, it still aids in Sonic's horizontal recovery. 4% SSF Sonic side attack
Up attack Sonic performs an arched kick over his head as he skids forward. 5% SSF Sonic up attack
Down attack Sonic uses the Spin Dash, he curls into a ball and propels forward at high speed, travelling a fixed distance. Keeping the attack button pressed causes Sonic to continuously roll forward, which reduces Sonic's damage hitbox window for the moment he is attacking, making him seemingly impervious to many attacks except projectiles. It also offers momentum-canceling properties, which increases Sonic's survivability a lot. 8% SSF Sonic down attack
Down aerial Sonic delivers a downward rocket kick that propels himself a bit forward. 5% SSF Sonic down aerial
Jump attack Sonic has an additional attack while jumping; he uses the Spin Jump, which looks similar to his down attack as he curls into a ball as spins in the air. 2% SSF Sonic jump attack


  • Sonic is one of two characters to appear in SSF before his inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the other being Meta Knight. Hence why he is considered a newcomer in this game.
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