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SSF2 Snivy.png
Pokémon symbol.svg
Snivy in Super Smash Flash 2.
National Pokédex  #495
Species Grass Snake Pokémon
Type Grass
Move Leaf Tornado
Rarity Common

Snivy (ツタージャ) is a Grass-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V and is located in the region of Unova. It evolves into Servine starting at level 17, which evolves into Serperior starting at level 36.

Pokémon description

Snivy is a bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves or small wings protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. It has a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail. This tail is capable of performing photosynthesis, which allows Snivy to move more quickly. However, the tail will begin to droop when Snivy loses energy. This Pokémon has a calm, collected demeanor.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Snivy after being released by Zero Suit Samus on Green Hill Zone.

Snivy is one of the Pokémon that can be released from a Poké Ball in Super Smash Flash 2. Once released, Snivy will perform the move Leaf Tornado several times, which causes a series of leaves to circle around it and fly upwards. The leaves themselves aren't very powerful, but opponents who make contact with them will be repeatedly attacked by them, and unless they use proper directional influence to escape, they can be carried to the upper blast line and KO'd from it.