Smash Island X
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Date March 28th, 2015
Attendance 26
Winner(s) Lunary
Staff Dark Ermac, Lakota Norberg

Smash Island X was the eleventh tournament in the Smash Island tournament series and the fourth tournament in the X tournament series. The tournament was hosted by Dark Ermac and Lakota Norberg and held on March 28, 2015. This is currently the largest tournament in the X tournament series. Smash Island X was seeded with version 2.0 of the X Scoring System.


There were 43 entrants (with 17 DQs, so 26 person bracket).

Place Country Clan Name Character(s)
1st BEL N/A Lunary SSF2 Meta Knight headSSF2 Lloyd headSSF2 Tails head
2nd USA N/A Nstinct SSF2 Ness headSSF2 Donkey Kong headSSF2 Yoshi headSSF2 Lloyd headSSF2 Ichigo head
3rd FRA N/A Sekanor SSF2 Yoshi headSSF2 Donkey Kong headSSF2 Samus head
4th GBR Poor Jammy SSF2 Captain Falcon head
5th USA tW Kyoz SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
5th USA 7M Dark Ermac SSF2 Samus head
7th N/A N/A blossom SSF2 Donkey Kong head
7th USA N/A Appleywolf SSF2 Ness head
9th USA N/A Trey Cahalan SSF2 Captain Falcon headSSF2 Ness head
9th N/A N/A Boomanter SSF2 Jigglypuff headSSF2 Marth head
9th N/A N/A Mrfap N/A
9th MEX TSW IronH SSF2 Peach headSSF2 Zero Suit Samus headSSF2 Link head
13th USA XTS Lakota Norberg SSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Sheik head
13th USA tW game_spidr SSF2 Ichigo head
13th USA N/A nazotadajin SSF2 Marth head
13th USA BR TheCodeSamurai SSF2 Meta Knight headSSF2 Marth head
17th GBR N/A ohgosick SSF2 Peach head
17th DEU N/A Skailler SSF2 Tails head
17th N/A N/A ezrarod SSF2 Mega Man headSSF2 Black Mage head
17th SPM N/A SageHarpuiaJDJ SSF2 Link headSSF2 Zelda head
17th N/A N/A UltraButterMario SSF2 Yoshi head
17th N/A N/A GreeNinja SSF2 Samus head
17th USA N/A Traweezie N/A
17th USA N/A MrjetArtist SSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Lloyd head
25th N/A N/A SuperKakarot256 SSF2 Ichigo head
25th N/A N/A RockyDactyl SSF2 Bomberman head

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