Smash Island IV
Date August 23rd, 2014
Attendance 17
Winner(s) Noghrilla
Staff Dark Ermac, Lakota Norberg

Smash Island IV was the fourth tournament in the Smash Island series and the first to include a Super Smash Flash 2 event. The tournament was hosted by Dark Ermac and was held on August 23, 2014. In addition to SSF2, a Project M event was also held. At the time, this was the largest online tournament for Super Smash Flash 2, with 17 entrants.

The idea for an online SSF2 tournament was considered shortly after online mode was first revealed during the McLeodGaming Direct for APEX 2014. Though Smash Island III took place after the release of version 0.9b, the online mode was not reliable enough to hold a tournament at the time. By the end of the month, numerous issues with the online connectivity were fixed, thus allowing the event to take place during Smash Island IV.


There were 19 entrants (with 2 DQs, so 17 person bracket).

1st USA N/A Noghrilla SSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Sheik head
2nd CAN N/A Sot6P SSF2 Ichigo headSSF2 Black Mage head
3rd ? N/A schmerpin SSF2 Peach headSSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
4th FRA N/A Paturages SSF2 Tails head
5th USA N/A Pancakes Unknown
5th CAN N/A kana SSF2 Peach head
7th USA N/A Trey Cahalan SSF2 Pikachu head
7th USA N/A Lakota Norberg SSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
9th USA N/A Nstinct SSF2 Ness head
9th Unknown N/A NeoSpectre Unknown
9th Unknown N/A Macro Unknown
9th USA N/A TrickMew SSF2 Link head
13th USA N/A Tomahawk Unknown
13th Unknown N/A blossom SSF2 Pikachu head
13th USA N/A AceShock SSF2 Black Mage head
13th CAN N/A Phoenix Wright SSF2 Marth headSSF2 Link head
17th Unknown N/A Sorabotics N/A

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