Smart Bomb
SSF2 Smart Bomb
The Smart Bomb in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Star Fox
Item class Throwing
In-game description Creates a huge explosion that catches opponents inside.

The Smart Bomb (スマートボム) is an item from the Star Fox series that appears in Super Smash Flash 2.


The Smart Bomb is a huge explosive item that will explode on impact and engulf a decent range in its explosion. The explosion will be slow, but it will trap any characters in its range and deal a lot of damage.


The Smart Bomb is first introduced on the very first Star Fox game under the name Nova Bomb. The player can hold up to five bombs and after launching one, it can be detonated to destroy enemies that come in contact with its explosion. Following installments in the Star Fox series continuously feature the Smart Bomb again and it is in Star Fox 64 where it is first called under its actual name. The design of the Smart Bomb in SSF2 is particularly based on the design from Star Fox: Assault.


Early design

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