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This article is about Simon's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Simon Belmont.
Simon Belmont
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Simon.png
Castlevania symbol.svg
Simon's official artwork.
Universe Castlevania
Stock icon SSF2 Simon stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Grand Cross
Tier A- (21)

Simon is a veteran unlockable character in Super Smash Flash 2. His reveal was shown during the Day 1 Livestream at Super Smash Con 2018. His appearance is based on his design in the game Castlevania Chronicles, in which Simon has long red hair and black armor, and his voice clips come from Castlevania Judgment. Simon's moveset mainly consists of attacks with his whip, the Vampire Killer, along with several items he uses in the Castlevania series. Simon's forward aerial and back aerial can be angled upwards and downwards. He is the only character in the game as of now capable of angling his aerials.


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Simon is a tall character with a handful of projectiles and long reach in his attacks. However, this is compensated by a below average mobility.

As mentioned before, one of Simon's key traits is his projectiles, which mainly take the form of his special moves. His standard special move, Axe, is a strong, powerful projectile that can serve a variety of functions, such as edgeguarding. It also creates a lingering hitbox once touching ground before disappearing, making it a useful tool to disrupt approaches. His side special move, Cross, functions much like Link's Boomerang, though it does not follow Simon once thrown. Instead, it will continue going backwards until it hits an opponent. In addition, it launches vertically with low knockback, making it a favorable tool for set ups. His up special move, Ring Grapple, covers a decent amount of horizontal and vertical distance, as well as functioning as a tether recovery after its first midair use; the move also includes a kick hitbox, and can serve as a movement option if Simon lands on the ground during the initial swing. Finally, his down special move, Holy Water, moves forward as it deals repeated flame damage, making it a useful combo tool or ledge-trapping tool.

Simon's other notable trait is his long reach. His whip, the Vampire Killer, grants him the longest disjointed reach out of the cast, making his normal moveset very versatile. While his air mobility is below-average, his aerials do make up for it. Neutral aerial is a circular whip swing that covers all around Simon, making it a useful approach tool. In addition, his up, forward, and back aerials all have impressive ranges, further exacerbated by the latter two's ability to be angled either upward or downward. While his down aerial lacks the range of his other aerial attacks, it more than makes up for by being a versatile combo tool: the clean hit is able to strongly spike opponents hit, but the late hit makes Simon and the opponent bounce upward, opening up combo or KO setups.

His grounded moveset continues the trend of long, disjointed attacks, some of which are more powerful if connected at the tip, at which they can be considered safe on shield. His forward smash is a notable example of this: it is very powerful when connecting its tip sweetspot, while also being able to poke shields due to its downward angle. His up smash can serve as a very useful anti-air due to its high vertical reach, while down smash is a useful out of shield option that keeps Simon's range while also launching at a semi-spike angle, making it useful for forcing opponents offstage. His forward tilt has decent range and low ending lag, allowing it to be a useful spacing tool, while his dash attack is a useful way to cross up shields. Like his down aerial, Simon's up tilt lacks the range the rest of his grounded moveset sports, but compensates by being a fast, relatively powerful attack. Finally, his down tilt functions as a useful combo starter due to its spike hitbox, while also functioning as a short-range spacing tool.

His grab game is also very useful. While his grab is somewhat medium-range, all of his throws have low knockback as well as low ending lag. His up and down throws both launch at vertical angles, allowing them to be used as combo tools, while his forward and back throws can force opponents offstage for edgeguarding set ups.

However, Simon is burdened by a somewhat below-average mobility; despite his dashing speed being below average, his air speed is also very low, making his aerial approach very limited, despite the reach in his aerials. This trait can make his struggle against faster characters who can effectively bypass his range. In addition, his high falling speed makes him very susceptible to being comboed, while his tall frame makes him easy to hit.

By far however, his two most glaring weakness are his susceptibility to characters with a reflector, as well as narrow hitbox placements on his whip attacks. While his multiple projectiles do play a huge part in Simon's playstyle and the way he plays the neutral game, all of them can be reflected, which gives Simon trouble against characters that possess a reflector, such as Mario or Falco, as his projectiles are an integral part of his neutral game. Additionally, most of his whip attacks have narrow hitbox placements, which can spell trouble when going against smaller characters, such as Pichu.

Additionally, while Ring Grapple covers a decent amount of vertical and horizontal distance, this can cause Simon to miss the ledge entirely if he is recovering from under the stage. To further this, the kick hitbox does not activate immediately, making him very prone to gimping and while he can use any aerial attack after the first use, most of them have more than 10 startup frames, making his aerial protection somewhat unreliable.

Overall, Simon is a fighter who specializes in distance-based combat. The objective of his playstyle is to keep opponents at bay using a combination of his long reach and his projectiles to compensate for his rather average mobility. As of now, Simon sees no notable tournament play.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Swings his whip in a circle once. 8%
Standard infinite Continues to swing his whip as long as the attack button is held down. By pressing the directional buttons, the whip will move accordingly. 2%-6%
Down tilt Swings his whip downwards. Opponents right next to Simon are meteor smashed 8%
Down smash Swings his whip at a low height while spinning. High range. 10%-13%
Forward tilt Whipcracks forward. Very fast for a forward tilt, in addition to having an above-average range. These make the move a very useful spacing tool. 6%
Forward smash A fast, long-range, downward-angled whip crack. Very little startup lag, with the sweetspot being very powerful, KOing middleweights at 30% at the ledge when fully charged. However, it does have somewhat high ending lag. 13%-17%
Up tilt Does a hook upwards. Low range. 7%
Up smash Swings his whip upwards twice. A two-hit move, second hit has more upwards range than the first hit. Connecting both hits is somewhat hard. 5%
Dash attack Dashes while quickly spinning his whip. Deals 5 hits, finishing with very horizontal knockback. 1%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Spins his whip around himself. 11%
Forward aerial A whipcrack in front of himself, being more powerful at the tip. This attack can be angled upwards or downwards to change its direction but overall deals the same damage and knockback at all angles. 7%
Back aerial A whipcrack behind himself, being more powerful at the tip. Similarly to his forward aerial, this attack can also be angled upwards or downwards to change its direction, but overall deals the same damage and knockback at all angles. 7%
Up aerial Swings his whip upwards. Somewhat high range and low power, making it a good juggling tool. Has a special timed hit. 7%
Down aerial A stall-then-fall divekick similar to the ones performed by most protagonists upon obtaining the ability to double jump. If hit clean, it will meteor smash the opponent, but the late hit will launch opponents at an upward diagonal. Upon connecting the move at any point, Simon will bounce upwards with a flourish. This can setup into many different options 10%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches out with one hand. N/A
Pummel A knee strike. Fairly slow for a pummel 2%
Forward throw Spins and throws opponents in an arc. 9%
Back throw Slams opponents down on the ground. High knockback angle. 11%
Up throw Grabs opponent via whip and slams them into the ground, sending them upwards. 11%
Down throw Slams the opponent onto his knee, sending them upwards. 15%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Performs 2 kicks in both directions while getting to his feet. 7%
Ledge attack Climbs upward and kicks foes away before standing up. 8%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Axe Tosses a large, powerful axe in an arc forward. It falls down quickly, making it useful for edgeguarding. 17%
Side special move Cross Throws a large cross that travels straight forward and then straight back. Moderate knockback. 10%
Up special move Ring Grapple A ring-shaped grapple appears and Simon uses it to swing himself forward a great distance. Highly advised to use at a distance. When used a second time, there is no ring grapple and the move becomes a tether. 7%
Down special move Holy Water Tosses a bottle of holy water that creates a blue flame pillar after landing that moves forward hitting opponents. 3%
Final Smash Grand Cross Traps nearby opponents in a coffin and repeatedly attacks them with crosses made of holy light. 45%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Swings onto the stage with his whip from a Ring Grapple and says, "To arms!".
Taunts Standard Puts his whip on the ground and says "If you will fight, then stand resolute!".
Side Swings his whip in front of him twice.
Down/Up Holds his whip out and says "I will destroy you!".
Idle pose Looks to his left or right, depending on which way he is facing.
Victory theme A remix of the flourish that plays whenever Simon clears a stage in the original Castlevania.
Victory pose Swings his whip, then looks at the screen, saying "That's the power of the Belmont!". When fighting another Simon, he instead says, "One Simon Belmont is enough for this world.".



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  • Simon Belmont's confirmation as a playable character in Super Smash Flash 2 came only two days after his confirmation as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Coincidentally, the two versions of the character feature similar movesets.
  • Simon, like Bowser and Pichu, was sprited solely by Steven.
  • Simon's artwork in SSF2 is based on his artwork from Castlevania Chronicles.
  • Simon's All-Star mode congratulations screen references Captain N: The Game Master, which features him, Pit and Mega Man as protagonists and Mother Brain as the main antagonist.

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