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The Silent as she appears in Slay the Spire.
First appearance Slay the Spire (2017, public beta; 2019, full release)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Company MegaCrit

The Silent is a playable character in the rougelike deck-building game Slay the Spire. She appears as an Assist character in Fraymakers.

Character description

The Silent is a cunning huntress hailing from the foglands whose goal is to climb and destroy the Spire, a tower filled with monsters and relics and powered by the Corrupt Heart. She primarily wields a dagger but also fights using deadly poisons and, less commonly, shivs. She is also acrobatic and uses both her agility and clever tricks to avoid and outmaneuver her opponents. She has many powerful cards that draw and discard and uniquely has access to the Shiv card with no cost, though she is held back by her relatively low starting health.

In Fraymakers

The Silent's cut-in.

The Silent is one of the Assist characters in Fraymakers, and she will be among the twenty Assists available at the launch of its Early Access release. When called upon, she appears in front of the player and delivers a quick stab forward with her dagger, temporarily poisoning opponents hit.