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The fighters using their side special moves in Super Smash Flash 2.

The side special move, commonly referred to as Side-B, is a special move in Super Smash Flash 2 that a character may perform that involves pressing the designated key whilst moving forward or backward. The forward special move is usually either a projectile or an attack that launches the user forwards. Super Smash Flash featured a similar variant called side attack, which mostly were combo attacks and successive moves.

List of side special moves

Character Side special move
Bandana Dee Spear Toss
Black Mage Haste
Bomberman Bomb Kick
Bowser Flying Slam
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost
Chibi-Robo Toothbrush
Donkey Kong Headbutt
Falco Falco Phantasm
Fox Fox Illusion
Ganondorf Flame Choke
Goku Ki Blasts
Kaiō-ken Attack
Ichigo Engetsuzan
Isaac Move
Jigglypuff Pound
Kirby Hammer
Krystal Krystal Rush
Link Gale Boomerang
Lloyd Tempest
Lucario Force Palm
Luffy Gum-Gum Rocket
Luigi Green Missile
Mario Cape
Marth Dancing Blade
Mega Man Crash Bomb
Meta Knight Drill Rush
Mr. Game & Watch Judge
Naruto Shadow Clone Toss
Ness PK Fire
PAC-MAN Power Pellet
Peach Peach Bomber
Pichu Skull Bash
Pikachu Skull Bash
Pit Upperdash Arm
Rayman Vortex
Ryu Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku
Samus Missile
Sandbag Sandgrab
Sheik Bouncing Fish
Simon Cross
Sonic Light Dash
Sora Flowmotion
Tails Airlift
Waluigi Purple Torpedo
Wario Shoulder Bash
Yoshi Egg Roll
Zelda Din's Fire
Zero Suit Samus Plasma Whip

Transformations' side special moves

Character Side special move
Giga Bowser Flying Slam
Wario-Man Shoulder Bash