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Not to be confused with side tilt, another type of attack, from the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2.

Kirby using his side attack, on Dream Land

A side attack in Super Smash Flash, also called forward attack and referred to as "smash" attack (not to be confused with an actual smash attack) within the How to Play section, is an attack that is performed by pressing the attack button with putting the side key.

Despite the name, the side attack is not truly an equivalent to the side special move found in the official Super Smash Bros. games but essentially functioning similar to a dash attack or even a continued combo attack from a standard attack, as attacks within this range include successive attacks, like kicks and punches, that normally deal more damage, there are also includes projectile-based attacks, like Samus's machine gun or moves that slightly make the player move a few inches after the attack was performed, like Jigglypuff's forward lunge kick.

Characters whose attack cooldown stat is lower than their attack length stat will perform their up attack animation (albeit still with the forward attack's attackbox properties) after a side attack if the attack button and the directional input stay held. Other characters will instead enter a small cooldown time (time varies from character to character) where they cannot attack at all, but can still move.

List of side attacks

The following is a list of all the side attacks in SSF per character, with a brief description, the amount of damage per frame dealt, and an explanation related to whether or not the attack contains a projectile. Whether or not a side attack, on its first frame, gives a character a horizontal speed boost will be noted as well. In cases where a character does receive a momentum gain, the boost value will be written as well. Otherwise, characters will simply reuse their attack boost stat, which can be viewed in each SSF character's individual hard data page.

Side attacks in Super Smash Flash
Character P M S Description Damage
Blade No No N/A Delivers a fast horizontal slash. 7%
Blue No No Delivers a fast horizontal slash.
Captain Falcon No No Engulfs himself in flames and delivers a low headbutt. 6%
Cloud No No Performs a fast two-hit combo with his Buster Sword. 5%
Crono No No Delivers just one slow, but potent single slash that is also able to strike opponents that are found behind him.
Fox No Yes 30 Uses Fox Illusion, moving forward at a really high speed, creating blue afterimages and damaging anyone that comes in contact with him. 4%
InuYasha No No N/A Performs a fast two-hit combo with Tessaiga. 6%
Jigglypuff No No Performs a forward lunge kick. 4%
Kirby No Yes 25 Engulfs himself whole in a fireball and lunges forward with great speed. 5%
Knuckles No No N/A Throws a double punch, trusting both fists forward. 2%
Link No No Slashes twice with the Master Sword. 3%
Lloyd No No Slashes in front of him with the Flamberge. 2%
Luigi No No Delivers two punches rapidly. 6%
Mario No No Delivers two punches rapidly.
Mega Man X Yes No Shoots with his semi-charged X-Buster a fast green shot. 4%
Meta Knight No No Slashes twice in succession with Galaxia.
Mewtwo No No Extends both arms forward, releasing a quickly growing pulse of shadow energy in front of itself. 5%
Mr. Game & Watch No No Swings a lit torch up and down.
Mr. Incredible No No Throws a straight super punch, producing a shockwave. 6%
Naruto No No Throws a swinging punch, emitting a shockwave at the moment he swings his arm that extends directly forward. 3%
Pikachu No Yes 25 Propelling itself forward with Skull Bash a fixed distance, delivering a headbutt. 4%
Samus Yes No N/A Rapidly fires multiple shots from her arm cannon in a similar way to a machine gun. 7%
Shadow No No Uses Chaos Upper, swinging his arm and conjuring a ball of chaos energy from his fist. 3%
Sheik No Yes 20 Rushes forward as she performs a movement very similar to her standard attack (just without the needles), hitting opponents with her hand glaring. 4%
Sonic No No N/A Performs a windmill kick.
Super Sonic No No Uses Sonic Kick, from Sonic Battle. 5%
Tails No No Uses the Rhythm Twister to spin around and strike opponents with his tails. 4%
Young Link No No Slashes thrice with the Kokiri Sword. 3%
Zelda No No Conjures a glowing orb that rapidly expands from her palms. 4%
Zero No No Directly hits with his Zero Buster.