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This article is about Wario's side special move. For the normal attack, see Dash attack.
Shoulder Bash
SSF2 Wario - Shoulder Bash.png
Wario symbol.svg
Wario using Shoulder Bash.
Universe Wario
User(s) Wario (Super Smash Flash 2)Wario-Man
Effect Wario or Wario-Man dash forward shoulder-first, knocking back any opponent in his way.

Shoulder Bash (ショルダータックル), also called Dash Attack (ダッシュアタック) in recent Wario games, is Wario's and Wario-Man’s side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Wario yells "Go!" as he performs a running shoulder tackle, covering a horizontal decent distance. The move will hit any opponent in its way and stop after making contact with one. In the move's starting frames, it deals 8% damage and little knockback, but these increase as the move progresses. In its final active frame, it deals 20% damage with high knockback, making it useful to KO opponents with. When used in the air, Wario jumps up a bit during the starting frames, making it an effective horizontal recovery tool that doesn't render him helpless. Wario can also jump from the ground at any point during the move without slowing his momentum.

Wario-Man's version of the move travels much further than the standard version, and it travels at an upward angle when used in midair. It deals 13% flame damage in its starting frames and up to 20% flame damage at the end of the move.


Artwork of Wario using the Shoulder Bash in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.

Shoulder Bash is Wario's signature attack throughout the Wario Land series. While it was first used in Wario's Woods, it would not be until Wario's first role as a protagonist in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 that it would become a staple of Wario's character. In each of the Wario Land games, it is a very simple technique that can be used to attack one enemy at a time or to destroy blocks, and it normally allows Wario to move faster than running. In Wario Land 4, the name "Dash Attack" was instead used to describe a more powerful variant of the move, but to avoid future confusion in later games, this variant was removed and the name Dash Attack passed to be the name for Wario's regular attack.



Early designs


  • When it was originally implemented in v0.7 of the demo, Shoulder Bash was a chargeable move that would deal consistent damage over time and go through opponents hit, but it was changed to match Project M's implementation of the move.
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