Shield Breaker
Shield breaker stab
Fire Emblem symbol
Marth using Shield Breaker.
Universe Fire Emblem
User(s) SSF2 Marth head
Effect Marth thrusts his sword forward to damage opponents and break shields it comes into contact with.

Shield Breaker (シールドブレイカー) is Marth's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Marth pulls Falchion back and then thrusts it straight forward. In addition to dealing damage and knockback to opponents hit, the move deals high shield damage that, true to the name, can break shields, even when uncharged. Holding the special input as the sword is pulled back will have him charge the move for up to a short amount of time, dealing more damage, knockback, and shield damage with a higher charge. Additionally, much like with the rest of Marth's moveset, the tip of the blade is a sweet spot that deals more damage and knockback to opponents hit than the base of the blade does. Opponents hit by the blade when uncharged are dealt 10% damage (14% if tipped) with decent knockback, and opponents hit when fully charged are dealt 24% damage (30% if tipped) with much stronger knockback.

With a full charge, the sweet spot of the move can effectively KO opponents with high damage. The move can also assist with Marth's horizontal recovery, as it pushes Marth forward when used in midair, with a stronger push when charged.



Marth's special moves
Standard special move Shield Breaker
Side special move Dancing Blade
Up special move Dolphin Slash
Down special move Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
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