Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Factory
Level number 21

Shenanigans is the twenty-first level of Yeah Jam Fury. To access it, the player must clear every level from Find Your Footing to Dragon.


This level consists of a series of walls of Lead Blocks that the player must pass in order to obtain the mango on a platform on the right side of the level. The player starts on the left, and they must advance using either Jam to jump and boost off of the walls or Yeah to place the five Yellow Blocks in their quota. The first few sets of walls are relatively close to each other, followed by a large gap separating a single Lead Block from a larger wall. The player must pass this wall to reach the platform where the mango resides.



  • Beating this level without refooting or firing any Yellow Blocks will unlock the Ninja Nonsense trochieval.
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