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in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Sheik
The Legend of Zelda symbol
Sheik's official pixel art.
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Stock icon SSF2 Sheik head
Alternate form of Zelda
Availability Starter
Weight class Medium-light
Final Smash Light Arrow
Tier S (1)

Sheik is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. She can transform into Zelda. Her sprites are custom made and based on her planned appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess with major improvements in her fighting style. Her voice clips come from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sheik ranks 1st of S tier on the current tier list, fourteen spots higher from her 15th place of B+ tier last tier list. Sheik has good combo ability, great dashing speed, an amazing grab & throw game, fast attacks and strong finishers in her sweet spotted up smash, down smash, forward aerial, back aerial, and down aerial. Sheik has a good edgeguarding game and is very good at gimping her opponents. She has one of the best grab & throw games in the demo, having one of the longest grabs while also having a set of very useful throws.

However, Sheik suffers from a poor recovery that covers little vertical and horizontal distance, while also having an awkward invincibility frame window. Sheik is also tall which makes her easy to hit; this, combined with her below average weight, though she is not far from being a medium weight, makes her easy to KO or knock her too far offstage to recover. She also finds trouble KOing on stage, as most of her strongest moves are best used for edgeguarding or gimping, and the sweet spot of her up smash is hard to connect with and down smash is hard to combo into.

Sheik has a very strong presence in online tournaments, with many top players using her to great effect. This can be attributed to her low skill floor combined with her high skill ceiling allowing her to be a strongly viable solo main in both low and high level play.


MG icon See also: Sheik (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Sheik has good ground mobility with having the seventh fastest dashing speed. Sheik has good combo ability with her up tilt and forward tilt, up throw, down tilt, down throw, and forward throw at low percent being excellent combo starters. She has reliable KO moves in her forward air, sweet spotted back air, sweet spotted up smash, down aerial, and down smash. She has a good projectile in Needle Storm, which she can use to camp, gimp her opponents as they try to recover and stop her opponents approach.

She has one of the best grab and throw games in the demo, with the seventh longest grab range. She has a very useful set of throws, with up throw being her best combo throw due to the amount of hitstun it leaves the opponent in at low to death percentages for great follow ups. It is also a chain grab on fast fallers. Back throw is good by the ledge for setting up edge guarding situations, which for the most part are in Sheik's favor. It can also be used on stage to set up tech chasing situations. Her down throw is her strongest throw, which is good for follow ups at low to mid-low percents, but can be easily D.I.'ed which leaves for hardly any reliable follow ups at mid to high percentages. Arguably her worst throw is her forward throw, which even at low percents, allows for little follow up options due to the low amount of hitstun the move grants. It can hardly chain grab high fallers or Bomberman at low percentages. Although it can set up tech chasing situations on Fox and Captain Falcon at low to mid percents.

Her ground game, though goes mostly unnoticed is excellent, with the aforementioned tilts being great tools. Forward tilt is good for starting and extending combos while also allowing for grab follow ups. Down tilt is good for getting pokes in while also popping opponents in the air to start combos. Up tilt is a good anti-air option while also covering most of Sheik's body.

However, Vanish covers little vertical and horizontal distance, while also having an awkward invincibility frame window that leaves her vulnerable to being edge guarded or gimped. This is also furthered exacerbated by it not having a hitbox at the end of the move, but a windbox which leaves her susceptible to being edge hogged if she is not next to the opponent on the ledge during the hitbox portion of the move. Another problem is the landing lag she receives when she tries to recover on stage, which leaves her open if the windbox is shielded or it does not connect with the opponent. The windbox can also be reflected, pushing her offstage and into a helpless state, even if she landed on the ground.

Her slightly below average weight makes her easy to knock off stage while also allowing for her to be KO'd earlier than middle weights. She also heavily relies on edgeguarding to get kills due to most of her on stage KO moves being hard to connect with or situational. Although this problem is not as big as it was last demo or her incarnations in the main Super Smash Bros. games.

She also lacks options to defend herself from below due to a lack of landing options which gives her trouble when it comes to being juggled, especially by characters with range(Donkey Kong) or disjointed range(Marth) up tilts. Down air is too slow to be used effectively to escape due to its slow start up and low priority. Needle, although a good projectile with many uses, has little priority, even when charged, allowing characters with high priority to cancel them out.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Does a quick punch, throws a second punch at opponent, and thrusts her hand rapidly. 3%, 3%, 2%
Down tilt Leg sweeps her opponent. Can be used as a combo starter and can combo into an aerial at high percentages. 8%
Down smash Spins legs around and gets back up. 13%-19%
Forward tilt Sweeps her leg forward, then takes it back. 5%
Forward smash Unleashes 2 consecutive kicks whilst leaping forwards. 17%-24%
Up tilt Does an one-handed handstand, puts leg upward, then brings it down. Good anti air option. 7%
Up smash Puts hands up, then to the side, similar to an upwards-facing cross slash. 13%-24%
Dash attack Does a charging headbutt. 7%

Aerial attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral aerial N/A Does a sex kick. 14%
Forward aerial Hatchet Swings one hand in a chopping motion and strikes opponent. 13%
Back aerial N/A Kicks behind her. Does good knockback in the initial frames of the move. 12%
Up aerial Upside down leg twirl. Good at combo'ing on high and fast fallers. 12%
Down aerial Thrusts one leg downward hard. Does good vertical knockback if the foot connects, but does good horizontal knockback if hit by the hip. 12%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Sheik grabs the opponent N/A
Pummel Jabs opponent. 2%
Forward throw Throws a powerful punch at her opponent. 10%
Back throw Pulls opponent behind her and back kicks them. Good near the ledge for gimping opponents. 8%
Up throw Grabs opponent, falls onto her back and kicks opponent into the air. 6%
Down throw Throws opponent to ground and then performs an axe-kick on them. 5%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Ledge attack Gets up and leg sweeps the opponent. Good knockback. 6%
Floor attack Gets up and spins around. 4%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Needle Storm Throws multiple damaging needles straight forward. 3%-21%
Side special move Bouncing Fish Leaps forward with an arced kick to bounce off opponents she makes contact with. How far she flies away afterwards can be controlled with directional inputs. 12%
Up special move Vanish Disappears in an explosion and reappears in another place influenced by the directional inputs. 10%
Down special move Transform Surrounds herself in magic and transforms into her alternate form. Switch between Sheik and Zelda and vise versa during a match. N/A
Final Smash Light Arrow A Light Arrow is shot in a straight line, dealing high damage and knockback to opponents hit. 42%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Appears out from a cloud of smoke.
Taunts Standard Gets in a stance and uses both hands to make a crushing motion
Down/Up Stands on her hand.
Idle pose N/A
Victory theme Remix of Victory fanfare from Super Smash Bros Brawl.
Victory pose Vanishes away. 
Lose Claps for the winner.

Changes from

Sheik received buffs and nerfs, but was buffed overall. Her mobility was increased, and her kill options as well as her combo game, were slightly improved.


  • Neutral Sheik has a new standing animtion where she moves from right to left.


  • Buff Sheik's short hop is significantly shorter and it does wonders.

Ground attacks

  • Neutral Dash attack sends opponents at a more diagonal angle.
  • Nerf Down smash is weaker.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff Sheik's forward aerial's knockback got increased.
  • Buff Her up aerial is stronger.

Grabs and throws

  • Buff Forward throw is slightly stronger.
  • Buff Up throw knockback got reduced significantly, making it a good combo starter.
  • Buff Down throw can now chain grab fast-falling characters.

Special moves

  • Buff Bouncing Fish's landing lag got reduced by two frames when Sheik doesn't hit an opponent.
  • Buff Vanish now stalls in the air for a few more frames before she starts falling.

In competitive play

Match Ups

Notable Players



Tier placement history



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Early designs



  • Steven stated that Sheik, Bowser, and Donkey Kong were his hardest character projects. In Sheik's case it was due to how she would bend her body when attacking and how she moved. Her down smash was difficult to animate.
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