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Yoshi performing his down tilt semi-spike on Bandana Dee.

Semi-spikes are attacks in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash 2 that send opponents at a very horizontal trajectory, which, due to the foes' gravity, can end up sending them slightly downwards. This is what makes it different from meteor smashes and spikes. In Super Smash Flash, an opponent's trajectory cannot be changed at all; the only existing semi-spike type is the one that sends them at a 0 degree angle.

List of semi-spikes in Super Smash Flash 2

Characters' semi-spikes
Character Move Notes
Black Mage Down tilt N/A
Back aerial
Captain Falcon Forward aerial Up aerial only semi-spikes at the very end of it.
Up aerial
Fox Reflector N/A
Ichigo Bankai Ichigo's forward aerial N/A
Kirby Down tilt N/A
Lloyd Forward tilt N/A
Dash attack
Peach Forward smash Only the tennis racket can semi-spike.
Pikachu Up aerial Only semi-spikes at the very end of it.
Sheik Forward aerial N/A
Yoshi Down tilt N/A



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