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Golden Sun symbol.svg
Isaac using Scoop.
Universe Golden Sun
User(s) Isaac (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Isaac summons a Psynergy hand underneath him that flings him into the air.

Scoop (スコップ) is Isaac's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Isaac kneels down and summons a large Psynergy hand underneath him, which catches him if used in the air, that then flings him in an arc high into the air. If an opponent makes contact with the hand while it does so, then it will deal 8% damage with weak upwards knockback to them.

Isaac travels a fairly high distance upward and a decent distance forward after being lifted into the air, making for an effective recovery move overall. However, not only is Isaac is left helpless after using the move, but he is left completely vulnerable when being flung through the air, making it very easy for Isaac to be punished while using the move.


Felix using Scoop in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Scoop appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age as a Utility Psynergy skill when the player equips a character from his party with the Scoop Gem. Unlike in SSF2, Scoop is a completely passive skill that plays no role in battle and cannot be used to attack. Instead, Scoop generates a hand that digs into suspicious patches of soft ground in the overworld in order to find valuable items or hidden passageways. It can also be used anywhere on certain surfaces such as general sand to find a randomly determined cheap item.




  • The attack was formerly referred to as Lift, another Utility Psynergy.
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