Sandgrab Launch
Super Smash Bros. symbol
Sandbag using Sandgrab.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
User(s) SSF2 Sandbag head
Effect Sandbag launches forward to grab and then throw any opponent in his way.

Sandgrab is Sandbag's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sandbag contorts for a moment and then immediately leaps forward into the air headfirst. If he makes contact with an opponent along the way, he grabs them with his head, suspending in the air for a moment before flipping and throwing them forward. The opponent thrown is dealt 6% damage with moderate knockback forward. If Sandbag lands on the ground before the move ends, he will then land on his head, and then jump forward, headbutting as he does. Much like the grab, the headbutt deals 6% damage to opponents hit and has moderate knockback forward, only this knockback is angled more downward.

Due to the move's low knockback output and relatively low startup and ending lag, it can effectively be used to start, continue, and finish combos. Additionally, the move does not put Sandbag into a helpless state and can be used as many times as the player wishes. This, in addition to the relatively far distance it covers, makes it Sandbag's most effective method of horizontal recovery.



Sandbag's special moves
Standard special move Capsule Spawn
Side special move Sandgrab
Up special move Bob-omb Toss
Down special move Sanddash
Final Smash Revenge
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